Winter Jacket Women

Winter clothing comes to mind when the wind starts howling and the snow comes down by the boat load. Kids always have a problem. Last year’s coat no longer fits and kids can never find last year’s gloves and hats. Young or old we need Winter clothing.

So bundle up and keep indoors if you can when the weather is subfreezing and your knees are knocking together.

I was raised in Utah where the winters were terrible. In the winter of 1949-50 all I did was shovel snow. Winters are cold here in Idaho too but the coldest winters, other than Korea, for me was when we lived in Iowa. Well, you have seen Doctor Zhivago.

 In Utah, when I was a boy, my mother would send me into grandmother’s bedroom for her tea cup. It was never empty and it was always frozen solid. The only warm room in the house was the kitchen until I got home from school and build a fire in the coal stove in the Parlor. I remember only one or two families having central heating, a coal furnace in the basement.

I remember my overshoescoming off when I would break through the icy crust of the snow. This always occurred when I was hanging out or bringing in the clothes from the clothesline for my mother.

In Salt Lake in cold winters, the deer would come down out of the mountains and eat the shrubs in our yards. They were different because of their speed and unpredictability. (In the summer, we often had porcupines come down into town to strip the bark from our trees.)

Anyway, winter always comes up in our latitude. I wish I could spend my winters down south like when we lived in Arizona but the closest I get to AZ now days is Arizona Highways magazine.


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