White Opal Ring CZ Sterling Silver

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First Review

I always look for reviews before I purchase an item on Amazon. In this case, I took a chance and was happy that I did. I had been looking at opal rings on jewelry TV, so I must admit my interest and desire were motivated. I wanted the color and the fire to be there, but not in a phony way. Others who know more than I do might have a different view than mine–that’s okay. But for me, I feel my desire for an opal ring is satisfied. My hands are small, so oversize rings look out of place. The gem and the setting were in the scale I was anticipating. I wear a size 5 and the fit is perfect. I have looked at the “jewel” in different light sources and again I am very satisfied. The baguettes on the side are also attractive. Experts might be critical–I have no idea. But I am an amateur and I do enjoy this ring. It was also delivered in a timely manner and was well-packed. But I could say this about all the jewelry I have ordered on Amazon.

Second Review

I love this ring so much that I wear it every day. My only complaint was I ordered a size 6 and received a much bigger ring probably at least a size 7. Thank goodness the ring still fits my pointer finger or else I would have sent it back. But from the moment I saw the ring I was in love, very bright beautiful colors in the stone.

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