What is Cyber Monday?

Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is sales hype with emphasis on the Internet. All the big Internet stores have Cyber Monday deals. So if you don’t mind falling for the hype, you can make some good deals and save some money. However, be careful! Don’t buy a lot of crap that you were not thinking of buying. One good way is to keep your money in your pocket.

I suggest a list. If you are gifting to family members, have some idea what you want to for each member before you start shopping. Then you will be making true savings.

The advantage of shopping on Internet is that there may be a much larger variety to choose from than eave at your mall. And prices might be lower and shipping might be free. Having a company like amazon send your gifts right to a family will save you that hassle and postage too. So there are advantages in shopping online.

I live in a small community. There is little here to choose from. Twin Falls is a half hour away but I can’t always leave my wife who is too ill to pop into the car and go shopping. She never cared much for shopping anyway. But for me, using he Internet is great for me. I got clipped last year ordering online and it ruined Christmas. The goods did not arrive as promised. That is a bummer.

So I restrict my buying to Amazon and such (like Target) which are very reliable, fast shipping, low prices, great selection.

Cyber Monday Deals at Amazon
Electronic Toys

Happy Shopping!

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