What Gift for Mother’s Day?

My Parents

The pic is of my parents when they were married in 1922. They each died at age 88, Dad in 1988 and Mother in 1989. She could have lived on but she refused medical treatment saying, “I just want to be with Dad.”

They lived through the Great Depression, the dreaded Polio epidemics that took my sister and WWII which threatened my brother and the Korean War that threatened me and my younger brother. Great people they were and I and my siblings loved them dearly.

Finding a Gift for that Special Mother

Sometimes it is hard to find a gift for your wife or mother. Maybe you want to get a gift for the widow down the street. But what would be an appropriate gift?

To me an appropriate gift would be a gift that “your mother” would appreciate and enjoy. What would that be?

It would be different for one mother versus another. Let’s say your wife is young and healthy and she has expressed a desire for a bicylcle. That would be a great, even an exciting gift, for her.

A Gift for an Older Mother

But let’s now say that the gift is for your eighty-year-old mother. Now what? Certainly not a bike, right? OK, so she is still athletic! Maybe flowers would be good for her, maybe a plant instead of flowers that conk off in a few days. Or maybe she is a gardener. You could get her something that would make gardening easier for her.

Women always like clothing and jewelry. Cameras and readers like the Kindle Fire are nice. I have a Kindle Fire and I use it to read books and to read my emails. It will do other things like show web pages but I prefer to do that on my computer.

Gifts are easy to find but not always easy to pick out. Maybe we need a course in How to Chose a Gift.

Good Luck!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers.


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