What Does Easter Mean to You?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Some 2000 years ago, an itinerant preacher named Jesus Christ caused a ruckus at the temple in Jerusalem, driving money changers and sellers of thousands, etc., from the temple grounds. He whipped them with a thorny bush as he sent them running. He said that they had desecrated his father’s house.

Shortly there after he was tried and sentenced to death. A crown of thorns was placed on his head and he was severely beaten. Then he was required to carry a cross to a hill called Calvary. He was not able to do it so another person was selected. On Calvary he was crucified along with two other men convicted of crimes.

The Roman soldiers placed a sign saying that here was the King of the Jews. The Jewish leaders tried to get them to take the sign down but they refused. It was reported that there was a tremendous earthquake when Jesus died and that it rent the cloth in the temple.

After that event, there were a number of reports that Jesus Christ was resurrected and that he appeared to a number of people.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

On Easter, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They look to his return which he predicted. Christians believe that Jesus Christ atoned for their sins at Gethsemane.

Sometimes with chocolate bunny rabbits and many colored Easter eggs, we forget what Easter is all about. There is a story that just before Peter was killed by the Romans, his wife and two daughters were killed. As his wife passed his dungeon, he said, “Oh there! Remember the Lord!”

We Christians should remember our Lord on Easter day.


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