Weekly Gift Ideas: Thanksgiving

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TurkeyAccording to our history, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated to give thanks to God by the pilgrims for the blessings they had received. They shared a great meal with the Indians who had showed them ways to survive in their new wilderness home.

So that is what Thanksgiving is all about, giving and sharing.

In our communities we have those who are needy, who lacked proper clothing and food and sometimes housing. We should be mindful of them at this time of the year and be willing to share some of what we have with them.

I get mail every day from charitable institutions. That is because I have a list of charities that I give to that everyone thinks they should be on it. Actually I have had to reduce my list to about 10 charities. I’m 82 years old and I must watch my pennies. But we can give you their money or time or canned goods and such to the organizations.

My Parents

My Parents

Many older American Indians suffer in the wintertime. Maybe we can help ease the pain. Also, organizations feed the needy a Thanksgiving meal. That is a good place to give a little time and perhaps a pumpkin pie.

I have many fond remembrances of Thanksgiving. It was my job to pluck the turkey and to burn off the stubs. I helped make the dressing by turning the crack on the old grinder until I thought my arm would fall off.

Thanksgiving morning was when I chopped wood for the winter.

No matter how tough things were during the Great Depression, we somehow always had a turkey for Thanksgiving. I don’t know where those turkeys came from during the toughest times, but I am grateful to those who made our Thanksgiving day special.

Thanksgiving at Amazon

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