Weekly Gift Idea October 28, 2014 Thanksgiving Is Just around the Corner


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When I was a kid I always helped mother with the old hand grinder and grind up stuff for the turkey dressing. Mother made the best dressing in the world which I have never seen matched anywhere else.

I chopped wood Thanksgiving morning to help us get through the winter. One year Dad didn’t buy any nut coal so I had to break up the big lumps. Utah coal is hard and it takes a lot of hammering to break up coal. One year, to save money, always a major concern, he bought slack. That was a miserable winter. I don’t suppose you’ve ever tried to burn slack other than in a stoker, which we did not have, but it is almost impossible.

We always had turkey on the Thanksgiving and Christmas. One year Dad decided we would have leg of lamb for Christmas with mint jelly. He really build it up like he always did for a coming event, but it was a big flop. We went back to Turkey permanently.

Korea 1951

TEd Olean of Minnesota is on my left. We are mortar forward observers on HIll 1243, the highest and most bombarded hill on the line. 17th Infantry Regimental Combat Team, 7th Division

When I was in the Army, Dad decided to buy a live turkey. He decided to kill and plug it in the basement. Well the turkey got away after dad chopped its head off. Mother said that dad came out of that basement covered with blood and feathers and he never bought a live turkey again. I was in Korea fighting Chinese boys so I did not see it.

We didn’t always have money for turkeys and gifts during part of the Great Depression. Sometimes our neighbors in the church gave us a hand. Thinking about Christmas and Thanksgiving, remember those who are in need. Let giving to them be a gift from you.

Thanksgiving at Amazon

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