Weekly Gift Idea: Make It Yourself

turquoiseGifting a Christmas time can be a very expensive activity. If you have a bit of time on your hands, then why not make some gifts. They will be personal and they will be well accepted.

Black Friday Sale on Sewing Machine Online

Black Friday Sale on Sewing Machine Online

Many women have sewing skills. They can knit, crochet and do millwork.

Many people have artistic skills and even if you don’t have artistic skills, you can buy some patterns and make artistic gifts. Think about going to a craft store. How and what you have in your area that we have a Michael store which has thousands of items that can be used for making gifts. You can make jewelry. You can make potholders. You can make aprons. You can make decorations. You can make so many different things and you can save some money doing it.

One of my great grandchildren.

One of my great grandchildren.

newsample1Once you know how to make such items, you can open and an ETSY store and sell them. Holidays like Halloween and Easter and Christmas can bring you many sales.

So think about it. You will not only be using your skills, but you will be making somebody very happy.


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