Weekly Gift Idea: How to Shop for the Holidays

One of my great grandchildren.

One of my great grandchildren.

MSHG LogoEvery year I have a new batch of great-grandchildren. Adding to my 34 living grandchildren and my children and spouses, buying Christmas gifts is always a problem. Every year I tell my children that this is the last year that I’m buying gifts, but every year I end up buying gifts. It’s like buying for the 10 Tribes of Israel.

Santa and SleighIn the past, I’ve headed out to the mall and shopped the main chains. I also have used Walmart where they have the prices listed at the end of the isles so that you know what you will be paying.

I also shop on the Internet, especially Amazon, but you can shop at Walmart and Target and Walgreens and many other stores on the Internet. I have not always been satisfied with Internet shopping. One year, many of the gifts did not arrive either before or after Christmas. That discount supplier is off my list.

Christmas treeEach year we received gifts through the mail from our children. Nowadays they are almost always shipped from an Internet store. So they don’t go through all of this wrapping and label it again sorting in such that I have been going through every year. For the last couple of years I have had my wife’s caregiver give me I hand. She is much better at keeping things straight than this old gray head.

ShoppersFinancing these gifts is getting to be a problem for me. With about 100 heads, that means a lot of money that I can no longer afford. I say this because I was given a new aortic valve (my second replacement) in September and I could live another five or 10 years. I could run out of money. My wife requires tens of thousands of dollars to care for each year. I do have insurance, but there are lots of extra cost.

So, maybe this is the year that I don’t buy gifts. Well, I always say that.

Send money! LOL (Just kidding!)


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