Weekly Gift Idea: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Good Grief!

happy computerDon’t you get tired of being pestered from every side by the media. Right now is the beginning of the holiday season and we are being pestered up and down on television and in the newspapers, etc. And Oh Yes! By our computers.

Right now we’re being pestered about Black Friday. You don’t have to go to a store to find a Black Friday deal. They are all over the web. And now I’m being hit by Cyber Monday. As I remember, Bill Gates said that cyber Monday is the day we should be giving to others. I think that the retailers could care less about that. They just for you to buy.

There is one good side to this. We can pick up some excellent Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, the gifts we need for Christmas.

So we may as well reach into that Opportunity Grab Bag and save some dough.

Now, I’m pestering you! Good Grief, Charlie Brown!


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