Weekly Gift Idea: Black Friday

camping 1It’s Cold Out Here!

If there’s anything I hate it is standing out in the freezing cold in the wee hours of the morning waiting for some store to open its doors so that the stampede can tromp me into the concrete. You finally get up to where your item was waiting for you and find that it is not there any longer. The fat guy in the red shirt heading for the cash register is holding it high over his head. He has a smirk on his face.

There are alternatives because numerous retail enterprises want to grab your money and they know that some of us will not have our nose against their store window. So they have sales during the week and on the Internet. You probably know that Walmart has lots of sales this week, one after another.

I ordered a few items from Walmart the other day but I didn’t want to go to the store. My granddaughter said, you can just pick that up at the store. I had Walmart stick it in the mail. FedEx says it will be here next Friday so I will not be going out into the cold because they will bring it right to my door.

Camping Out?

Christmas birdIf you like the adventure of freezing your butt before the store opens, then more power to you. Our local mall says that they are opening at midnight so you can get in out of the cold. You might even be able to grab a cinnamon roll that a cup of Joe while you are waiting in line. That is if you have someone to chase after it or hold your spot.

I guess some folks take a canteen full of hot cocoa and a lunch with them. That and an arctic sleeping bag and a tent can make life better. Camping stuff is on sale now.

I used to love camping until I lived outdoors, frequently under ground, in Korea. That took some of the luster out of it. I still enjoyed it with my scout troop(s) and my family if I had the right equipment such as an air mattress that would stay inflated, a tent that didn’t leak and a good place to fish.

AMZ 2It does sound exciting now. Maybe I’ll run out there with the rest of the county. No wait! I forgot that I’m 82 years old. What I want I couldn’t carry it anyway.


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