Weekly Gift Idea: Art Supplies for Kids

Artist 3Kids love to draw and paint. Talented or not, it is fun. But some have talent and giving them a gift of art supplies will help them move along. Adults like to paint too. Art classes are full of them. So a visit to an art store can resolve many gifting problems.

When our kids were young, we tried to see what natural talents they had.

Kids have natural curiosity and sometimes that leads us to their talents.

Even in my engineering days, I was always a writer. When my number three son was four years old, he used to dictate to me or his mother so we could write down his reports on the bugs that he was looking at. He is still a writer. And the reason I write, is that my father was a writer. Being an old rancher, he did his writing it in the garage on a typewriter. It looked fun to me as he was pounding out a short story or a new poem. Kids do what their parents do. If you draw or paint, so will they.

Artist 2I started painting when my children were young. I had no talent for it, but a couple of my kids did. I am still teaching children how to paint, mainly my grandchildren. But my great-grandchildren also want to take a swing at it.

My daughter is a professional artist. She started as a portrait artist when I coughed up some money while her husband was in med school, but she has branched out from that. I paint landscapes, so she does too. Only hers are professional.

You can buy gifts for your children to help them decide about art. Some will show no natural ability (like me) but that will not stop them from drawing and painting. Simply speaking, art is fun.

There are plenty of art kits for little children, but don’t forget the older kids. They can use adult art supplies and enjoy it.

Artist 4I started my married granddaughter on her first painting the other day. I gave her an art set, an easel that she can put on her kitchen table. She started on poppies.

I also gave such a easel to my granddaughter who was in college (now a missionary in California).

My wife’s caregiver said that I also had another such easel that I gave away. The problem is that I’m old and senile, and I keep buying stuff that I already have purchased. I seem to do this every time I go to the grocery store. Who needs 50 cans of kumquats?

Art supplies are not too expensive. They make great gifts for young and old.

artistLet’s see now! I have a granddaughter coming down from Alaska. Her sister is in high school and she is a very talented artist. Sometimes she paints in my studio. Maybe the Alaska lady will like to paint too. What else can you do on those long Alaska nights?


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