Weekly Gift Idea: Advantages of Shopping Online

Jeff Bezos, Mr. Amazon.com

Jeff Bezos, Mr. Amazon.com

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon in 1994, sold books on the Internet then disks, electronics, clothing, camping equipment, jewelry and many other items. Amazon is the largest Internet company and the company that made retail shopping online possible for a multitude of items. Amazon is not the only choice now. Just the best choice.

All large chain stores now sell online, Walmart, JCPenney, Target and so many others. If you are old and confined like me, you do most of your shopping online.

Some warehouse outlets sell online. In fact, that is why they were started. I have had some problem with such organizations. One company ruined Christmas for me last year when it did not ship what I ordered before Christmas. Therefore I would order early from any company that you have not ordered from before, and call customer service to make sure you will get your stuff.

You can see why I stick with Amazon and the Big Chains.

Most all companies will gift wrap your packages and ship them to whatever address you like.

I don’t know if you know what it’s like to try to wrap about 100 packages, but to me, that is not fun. My wife’s care giver has helped me to do this during the last couple of years. I am not going to wrap gifts this year or am I going to take them to the post office.

Shopping early is always a good idea. That way you know that things are going to get where you want them to go when you want them to get there.

One thing about dealing with Amazon or the Chains is that you will be able to return the gifts or other packages easily. If the shirt doesn’t fit, no problem. You can exchange it immediately.

Also, you can review what people say about products. This is very valuable. Nobody wants to receive a piece of junk in the mail.

Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving to you ane yours. Don’t get run over on Black Friday!

John and Pat Jones

Buhl, Idaho

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