Valentine Gifts Her

My Sweetheart Gifts

My Sweetheart Gifts

Whdiamondat Should I Get Her for Valentine Day?

Traditional Valentine gifts for her are jewelry, flowers and candy. But what if she is a lumberjack? She might prefer a chain saw. This year Valentine’s Day is Saturday, February 14, 2015.

I Feel Poetic

Valentine’s Day Dilemma
John Taylor Jones

I know it’s only January,
But I like to fret.
It’s already the seventh,
And I don’t know yet
What to get her for Valentine’s day,
A mink or a jet?

It won’t be a mink!
It won’t be a jet!
Maybe a horse.
Maybe a house.
It will not be those either,
I’m as poor as a mouse.

I know what I’ll do,
This penniless soul,
I’ll make her a gift
From a branch of my dead oak tree,
I’ll just cut and plane
And shape it, you’ll see.

I’ll make her a paddle
To row up the creek.
She has an old kayak,
She’ll think that is neat.

Or maybe a rocker
To put on her porch.
She can drink lemonade;
Summer’s sun here can scorch.

But I was thinking of something else
That I’m sure she would like.
I’ll carve a wooden seat
For her rusty old bike.

Yes, that is it!
I’ll paint that old bike.
With the new wooden seat,
She surely will like.

So you see why I start early
On her Valentine’s Day gift.
I need gas for my chainsaw.
Can you give me a lift?

The End

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