Valentine Coloring Pages

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Coloring or Painting Valentines is Great Fun!

Coloring or Painting Valentines is Great Fun!

Valentine Coloring Pages are loved by children and adults. They make great gifts and they may be used to create gifts. Tools are crayonsand colored pencils and perhaps, paint and brush.

Back When I Was a Kid

I’m 84 years old but as I remember in grade school, we made valentines. We also bought them at the dime store and gave them to our classmates. In the evening, on Valentines Day, we put them on the doorstep of our friends. Sometimes we signed them but sometimes we were too shy, especially if it was a girl we liked but were too timid to approach.

Some Valentines Were Pretty Gross

They were also very funny to us kids. I guess you can still buy such valentines if you look. Others prefer regular valentines.

We Played Favorites

In school, we could remain anonymous too. You could put a valentine into the class valentine box without signing it. But there is a certain distance between the giver and receiver with valentines so we usually signed them. A special valentine always impressed the receiver. Poor kids, kids too poor to buy valentines, could make homemade valentines but they were not always well received.

Roses Are Red

Red Rose Picture

A Rose for Valentines

The verse on a valentine was usually very simple:

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue. 

Da da da da da, (I can’t remember this line)

I love you!

Sometimes we made our own verses.

Older Kids and Young Adults Gave Gifts

Favorite gifts were candy or flowers. Now days folks give very expensive gifts such as jewelry. Jewelry does not have to be expensive. The beautiful pendant at right is only $25.00. I have bought Christmas gifts from this source and my granddaughters loved them.

Conclusion: Make Your Gift of Love 

Product Details

“Heart of the Ocean” Blue SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace Women Fashion Jewelry $25

That is what Valentines Day is all about!


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