Tis Fall and Fun Time

There is so much going on in the fall. Baseball is going to the World Series, Football starts up both college and pro. Halloween and Columbus Day parades. Warming up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are so many things to do that are just fun. Here are some things to have fun with.

Amazon Halloween Shop – Costumes, Candy

When I was a kid, we had little but on Halloween we could stock up on candy and apples for free. We had no money for costumes during the Great Depression so the boys dressed up as bums and the girls as “princesses.”

When I was very young, one of the older boys scared the heck out of me with a gorilla costume. I always wanted one of those babies.

Shop Amazon – Fall Outlet Event

Amazon is always pushing something and their Fall Outlet Event is big. I guess you have probably dropped on over.

Shop Amazon – Kids’ Halloween Store

Of course, Halloween is mainly for the kids. We usually pick up a few pumpkins and have the grand kids carve them. They all thing they are better than me at carving. I’ll admit, they are clever.

Shop Amazon – All – New Kindle Paperwhite

This no glare Kindle Reader, like when you are on the park bench. Yep, you can read it in the sun.

Shop Amazon – New Fall Toys

You know how hard it is to get those toys you want if you wait too long at Christmas time. Now is a great time to get started on shopping for the kids.  Amazon does a great job of getting toys to you without breakage or delay. And they stand behind what they do for you too.

Shop Amazon – Football Kickoff 2013

There is nothing like a fall football game on a college campus. The cookouts, the noise, the crowds, it’s wonderful! I hope you can get to some games in your area. I’m pretty tied down with my wife so I probably will not see you there. But have fun!

Shop Amazon – 30 Off Select Football Collectibles

Do you collect football stuff? Nothing like it!

Shop Amazon Sports Collectibles – Free Shipping on Football Trading Cards $20 or More

My oldest son has his original football cards that he bought in the 1960s. He has a ball signed by Willie Stargell and Clemente and all of that team. Vernon Law gave it to me when we lived in Pittsburgh. We loved going to the games there. We even had tickets to the World Series  but the Pirates blew it in the playoffs so the bank had to refund our money. I’ll bet some folks kept the tickets hoping to sell them later.

Shop Amazon – Gift Cards for WeddingsAmazon.com Gift Cards to Celebrate a New Baby
Amazon.com Birthday Gift Cards for ChildrenShop Amazon Gift Cards – Try Amazon Birthday Gift

Well, that is a lot of gift cards for you ladies. We men never send them out. At least no man that I know of is that thoughtful.

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

Have you tried this yet. I’m a Prime member because I save so much on shipping and so many items are free to Prime members. What a deal that is!

Shop Amazon Back to School – Save up to 50 on Select Backpacks
Shop Amazon Back to School – Save up to 20 on Select Water Bottles

Well, it is back to school. My grandkids are all back that are of that age. Kids are expensive but they are worth it.

Have a great fall!


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