sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 26-Inch 7-Speed Step-Through Touring Hybrid Bicycle

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 26-Inch 7-Speed Step-Through Touring Hybrid Bicycle

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sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 26-Inch 7-Speed Step-Through Touring Hybrid Bicycle







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            • 4.8 out of 5 stars 90% 5 Stars, 8% 4 Stars
            • Step-through aluminum city frame 7-speed hybrid touring, urban commuting, and cruiser bike with matching full fenders, and 26” wheels
            • Shimano 7-speed Internal Hub with front and rear handbrakes allows for wide range of riding from leisure to long distance commutes
            • Brown synthetic leather comfy saddle and grips with classic stitching; 2
            • Low swooping frame makes for easy step-thru entry on and off the bike; puts rider in an upright, heads-up position The foot-forward seat and pedal position allows riders of varying heights to stop and put feet flat on the ground while staying in the saddle


            • May need minor adjustments after assembly.

            I decided that the top selling bicycle had too many issues. It cost less but is worth less. Here are some reviews on this bike?4

            5.0 out of 5 stars

            Very appealing bike- comfortable ride
            ByAmazon womanon April 27, 2016
            Color: Teal|Verified Purchase

            I have had this for a week and already know I love it compared to my old bike. Who decided to take away fenders and chain guards? I haven’t had them since I was a child! So glad to have them back; I no longer have to use pant leg clips and can ride on a wet road without getting a stripe up my back. I am 58 and have some issues with my arms and hands (recent elbow surgeries); these handlebars are wide and my hands rest on them without any pressure. The only work my arms/hands need to do is steer and brake.

            It’s so nice to be sitting upright on a wide saddle and have the seat and pedals closer to the ground. I no longer feel that I’m at risk when I need to put my feet on the ground. I’ve been able to get up some steep hills and 7th gear is as fast as I would ever want to go. I’d prefer a lever style gear shifter, but shifting has been smooth.

            Assembly was OK- especially if you know a bicycle and it’s components. Had the seller not been so accessible and helpful, I may have given 4 stars. I felt as though the instructions needed some updating to reflect what was needed. Instructions were given for steps that were already done, and there were no instructions for other parts that were not assembled (my saddle hardware-was quite a puzzle). However, I happened to be doing this on a Saturday afternoon on eastern time, so I’m sure I would have had better access on a weekday.

            I was able to solve all my own problems before their reply. I did not need to do anything with the rear brakes and gears- bike worked perfectly first test ride. I spent some time fiddling with the front brake until I realized the tire wasn’t centered- easily adjusted. The instructions call for grease and it is not included (recommended but not required, but seat and handlebar stems do not slide easily without it- I used some 3 in 1 oil). My fenders had dents, and they are sending replacements. The tires do not have psi on the sidewalls, and I had to ask for help; the recommended psi is 30-50. Nice fat bouncy tires.

            I don’t have a beach, but plan to use this often to ride into town on errands as well as 3 miles on country roads to visit my son. There are no attachment holes for a water bottle holder (although one photo shows them). I bought a Topeak Cage Mount and ended up installing it on the front fork, because the frame is too large and the handle bars too small. Not easy to secure a mirror either- so I bought a helmet mounted one instead. Plenty of room to hang a basket on the front- mine’s coming tomorrow.

            5 out of 5 stars

            The most comfortable positioned bike
            Bysmtexason November 27, 2016
            Color: Navy|Verified Purchase

            I rode my new bike for the first time yesterday. I LOVE it. It is so comfortable. As someone with MS and Fibromyalgia I have a lot of pain and this bike keeps me up right and in a very comfortable position that does not aggravate all my aches and pains. This bike will really help me get around without adding to my pain. I highly recommend it for people of all ages and disabilities (as long as you can safely ride a bike). The seat is even comfortable and really bike seats are just not normally comfortable.

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