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zombieWhen we were kids there was no money for Halloween costumes. So the boys were usually dressed as hobos. We grabbed the flour sack and headed door-to-door saying, “Give me, Give me—or we won’t go away!” We might say, “We are beggars on the street, give us something good to eat.” We gather the apples, popcorn balls and candy. We kept begging until all the house lights were off. When we got home, nobody had better touch our stuff. We hit it away for a week of treats.

witchIn my old age, I put a pumpkin on the front porch and fill several bowls full of wrapped candy. Some of the kids are my grandkids or great grandkids or from the church. There are neighborhood kids to whom I know. But some are from the farms around here, driven into our small town by their parents.

So Halloween has not changed much. The kids now are dressed in store-bought costumes, but there are still some bums around. There are a lot more parties now with plenty of Halloween decorations.


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