My New Kindle Fire 7 Came: A Review

Korea 1951

TEd Olean of Minnesota is on my left. We are mortar forward observers on HIll 1243, the highest and most bombarded hill on the line. 17th Infantry Regimental Combat Team, 7th Division

I ordered a new Kindle Fire 7 and it arrived yesterday on the free two-day shipping deal with Amazon Prime. I joined prime to save postage as I’m always ordering from Amazon and it allows you to access many free books and movies on Kindle Fire. So it is a bargain.

It took only a few minutes to set Kindle Fire 7 up because my wife’s caregiver is an expert in such things and can’t keep her grubby hands out of my business but I could have done it myself as it is easy to just do what the Kindle Fire 7 says to do. I had to get it on Wi-Fi as she was a little clumsy putting in the keywords and all.

The Kindle Fire 7 comes well packed. I thought the USB charger would be slow but it isn’t. But I do have the fast charger. I bought the case which is nice and I have a stylist and screen preserver coming, probably today.

One thing I don’t like is the ads that pop up. But you can quickly click them away. Maybe there is a way to disable them. I am going to call Amazon.

The HD screen is wonderful. I downloaded a free game and it worked fine on the 7 inch screen.

I read my email and commented on a website. I’m not sure how to set the founts but Georgia is going to set that up for me she says. But to increase the font, I just put my thumb and index finger on the screen and it expanded everything

So far I’m very happy with my Kindle Fire 7. Quite a bargain at $199 for a small computer. I added extra memory even though the agent at Amazon said I won’t need it. Well, I can use up a lot of memory.

So, Get your Kindle Fire 7. Merry Christmas!


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