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Computers come in all types and sizes now days. But the laptop is still a favorite of many, especially if you are in business.

For one thing, it is portable. You want it to be light.

Secondly, it requires no AC outlet. So you want long battery life.

You might drop it, so you want it to be durable.

You want it to be able to handle all of your software and files. So you want a large capacity hard drive and lots of working memory. Gamers will want lots of working memory.

People will be looking at you, so you want it to be attractive.

Lastly, you want it to have a good reputation so you will want to read the reviews.

Well, I guess that is about it.

Wait: One more thing. You want a low price but make sure that low price brings you what you want and need. It may cost a bit more now but it will save you money when you don’t have to upgrade later.


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