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Halloween Costumes for Women at Amazon

Halloween When I Was a Boy

When I was a boy, we had nothing, at least some of us. I was born in 1932, and in the summertime, there was a constant stream of hobos at our door.

So what was our Halloween costume for most of us–being a hobo.

This required a red bandana which we tied around our neck with the bandana in front and a stick from which we could hang our candy bag from. This went over our shoulder until we got tired of the stick and chucked it, keeping the candy bag, of course.

Princesses or Witches

The girls made costumes from whatever was at hand. A cloth tied around their forehead made them a princess or a black one, if riding a broom, made them a witch.

What did our neighbors give us?

We got a lot of apples and popcorn. We were after candy, for sure. Some boys just chucked the apples. I took them home and dumped them on the kitchen and try to keep my six (6) siblings from stealing the stuff.

Our Kids

Our kids use to bring home huge bags of candy. When we got tired of having them fly from wall to wall, we would ditch their bags after a few days. Enough was enough!

Adult Costumes

I see adults wearing costumes when they bring their kids to my front door, especially women. Women look wonderful in costumes. I often see very cleverly made home-make costumes.

Women’s Costumes at Amazon

More Costumes for You Ladies

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