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MSHG LogoGrabbing savings at is easy. First, they are always blasting out emails to customers on the subject. Right now it is Black Friday time so you hear that. Also, it is the Holiday season so you get that rush too.

When you shop at Amazon, you can look at the categories and choose one or you can search all departments. You also can write Best Sellers or Top Sellers so that you can find what others are buying. You will  not get the same page of buys. These titles are different to Amazon. Don’t ask me why.

Other entries could be Top 10 Sellers or such. You will always get what you are after if Amazon has it.

You could write Bikes on Sale in Sports or All Departments or such. Amazon let’s you dig. You will probably get what you are looking for, however, using Bikes for Kids in Sports and Outdoors.

I always look at the descriptions on a product. Sometimes it leads to better products. For example, I was looking for a history of New Mexico book and a comment suggested a better book. He was right. Since I am writing another novel for Amazon, I bought both books which I need for backup for my novel. Just for the fun of it, I just put under Books, “Best Selling History of New of Mexico. ”

I didn’t get history. I got the current drug situations, a kids book, and other non history. You just have to give things a try.

Amazon is such a huge outfit that you can usually find what you want. Watch pricing however, they are not always the least expensive but free shipping always helps Prime Membership Members in that area.

Santa and SleighTis’ the Season to be Merry!

Have fun!


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