Gifts of the Heart

The most copied photo of the Great Depression

The most copied photo of the Great Depression

Gifts of the Heart
John Taylor Jones
December 31, 2014

We give gifts at Christmas
Because that is what we do.
But some do not give material things,
They are not that well-to- do.

The poorest mother
With her children in rags
Still gives her gift of love.
That gift comes from God above,
So that is what she does.

Material gifts without the love
Have value not long lasting.
Kindly love to needy souls
Is always everlasting.

Think not about material things.
Think mainly of each other.
Daily share your gift of love,
Love eternal and long lasting,
With friends and family,
Even strangers on the street.
Such love will spread
Throughout our land.
Now wouldn’t that be sweet?

The End

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