Gift Suggestion for Today: Electric Blanket or Mattress

MSHG LogoI’ve been thinking about electric blankets and mattress pads. I ordered today having never had one in my life. But it is very cold here now and I have a big pile of blankets which keep me cold or hot, too hot. Then I wake up all sweaty and have to pull off my night shirt.

My wife’s caregiver, who seems to be taking of me a lot of time, suggested an electric blanket or mattress pad. So, now I’m on my way to controlled heat.

But I thought, “What a nice gift an electric blankets and mattress pads would be for an older person. Well, nobody seems to be older than me around here but maybe your parents or grandparents could use such an outstanding gift. You might even reward yourself for being so considerate.

I remember when I was a kid in Utah, how cold it got with no heat at night, and how many blankets we had to have. I use to help my mother stretch and sew blankets. It was also my job to get the frames out and put them together.

I remember the curtains had to be put on frames when they were washed so that they would dry in place. But then, I also remember putting flat irons on the stove for ironing and scrubbing boards and stuff  like that. I remember the great joy at our house when Mother got an electric clothes washer. Can you imagine not having one now days? Wouldn’t you get tired of turning the crank on that blasted ringer?

My Parents

My Parents

I guess I’ll be up to the times with my new electric blanket. LOL

So do you think that an electric blanket or mattress pad would make a good gift?

Just thinking out loud.


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