Gift Idea of the Week October 21, 2014 A Gift for Baby

Gift Ideas for Baby

Babies are so fun. It is easy to find them a gift because they will chew on anything that you buy them. I mentioned that my granddaughters are very busy right now with their YumbabY website at My site, MyStuffy, is never busy. But I did ship a bronze unicorn to Australia yesterday.

The main thing to check and you purchase a gift for a baby or a young child is that the gift is safe, that it will not choke or poison the child. The FDA checks the paint on some gifts, making sure that there is not to lead or cadmium present. But they can’t check everything. They don’t have enough staff to do that. So it’s mainly a matter of self compliance by the manufacturer. And has worked in the dinnerware industry for years.

Another question that you might ask when picking a gift for an infant or small child is, “Is this gift educational?” The child can learn while it is playing with your gift.

Another thing that you might ask yourself is whether or not you think the gift is durable. The child’s gift should be virtually indestructible because if there is a way to destroy it, the child will find it.

One last question might be whether or not the gift is useful. There must be some reason for its existence.


Gift Ideas for Baby

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