Gift Idea December 1, 2014: Cyber Monday

Computer 1We have irregular holidays which have been used by merchants for years to promote sales. And I have added Black Friday which now extends for a full week or more, and Cyber Monday which is today and if you miss it, you can probably get deals rest of the week. It won’t be long before we have more contrived days like “Sale for Suckers Wednesday.”

Of course these days are just sales come-ons. But we can get some good deals. So you may want to check them out. Cyber Monday is really for Internet sales, but don’t be surprised if someone in your neighborhood, probably at the mall, is trying to entice people to come in and buy some more crap that they don’t need.

This is a good time to save someone, but it is also a good time to be taken in where you buy stuff you don’t need. So be careful! Search for a bargain on what you need and forget the rest of the stuff.

I’m such a Scrooge!


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