Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

In the spring of 1958 I went to a convention in Chicago. I stayed at the Palmer House and one evening I had dinner at the Palmer House with my boss, vendors who were paying for out dinner, and the owner of my company. A show went with the dinner and Carol Channing came out and sang Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend. Then she threw diamonds all over the table. I was going to take some “diamonds” home to my wife but my wife suggested that I give them to the ladies at the table, which I did. Of course, she was not tossing real diamonds. Just glass.

Real diamonds are very hard and they will cut glass. They are known for there brilliance, an array of wonderful colors, and their chemical and physical durability. Clarity is another determining factor along with the absence of inclusions such as graphite.

When I was an undergraduate studying engineering in Utah, a fellow student gave his to-be wife a diamond engagement ring. She was very happy with the ring and showed it to everybody. Then the student decided to take it over to the Mineralogy Department. There is was examined under the department head’s fancy microscope. A flaw was detected. It had a graphite inclusion.

The student panicked. He went to the jeweler and came back with a tiny stone that was the same price but was perfect. His wife hated it and called it the “Little token of his affections.” But he would not go back to the jeweler and retrieve the original ring. But she still married him.

Diamonds are a wonderful gift. Usually the first diamond gift is an engagement ring. I suggest you examine the ring at the jeweler, not in a laboratory. Just make sure the diamonds are the typical pyramidal diamond shape and not a chip, have no unsightly inclusions (use a hand lens or the jewelers glass). It should be bright and clear and have lots of changing colors when you turn it in the light. No, you don’t have to put it into acid or a blow torch to test it.

The jeweler will tell you the size of the diamond in carats or points. There are 100 points to a carat so a one-hundred point diamond is one-half carat.

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Diamond rings of good quality are expensive. The Jewelry Cartel keep the prices up in the stratosphere. Therefore, Cubic Zirconia is popular. Zirconia, not to be confused with Zircon, is a synthetic oxide used to make ceramics and such. It is clear and bright and hard and inexpensive. Do you have to have a diamond?

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An engagement ring does not have to be a diamond ring. There are other special stones that people love. Just make sure you talk to your future bride about the matter.

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