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My Parents

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho Pat is under full-time care but we still have her at home.

When I was a boy we didn’t have much. It was the Great Depression. Dad was out of work for two years and it was hard to catch up when he got a job with the WPA as an accountant. He then went to work for the local government. He eventually became a hospital administrator, a county commissioner and then over a long period of time, city auditor for SLC, Utah.

Seven kids and not working for so long slowed down his financial progress.

Needless to say we didn’t get much for Christmas, usually one gift. Even that came from help from our neighbors. Still, Christmas was great despite my older brother saying that all we younger kids was going to get was a lump of clay and a stick of wood.

Everybody was not out of work. Several of my friends had dads working and they got lots of stuff. We got our single gift and a turkey dinner and Dad always had Santa come on Christmas eve. Dad never had anything in his youth so our shortage of cash did not diminish the meaning and fun of Christmas.

One time I got a wind-up train for Christmas. My cousins came over and Billy over-wound the train and ruined it. A sad say for me.

When my nineteen year old sister died in 1943 my parents lost the Spirit of Christmas and decided not to have a Christmas tree. My younger brother and I were very sad. Then one of our siblings after another came home with a tree and dad had bought one for one dollar from a guy who came by selling trees from a dump truck. The girls were able to return the extra three trees.

We use to line up at the parlor door to wait to go into to see what Santa had brought to us. We didn’t sleep at all during the night thinking we could actually hear Santa’s deer prancing on the roof.

As we got older, my little brother and I would snoop around the house looking for what Dad had brought home (our older brother was off to WWII.) We usually found it. We knew what to look for because Dad was always excited to tell us before Christmas. No surprises.

My paternal grandparents came one Christmas and brought me a set of drums. My miner then rancher grandfather Jones was an accomplished musician so that is why I got the drums. Sadly for me, I couldn’t play them because my grandmother had her usual migraines and couldn’t stand the clamor.

We had 35 grandchildren and they have brought over 44 greats. Kids love toys and we love kids!

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