Cat Food and Treats and Toys

New Kitty?

If you are new to cats, you might want to go to Purina and learn the care basics. A new kitten should be taken to a vet for examination. If possible have a vet look at any cat you are thinking of buying. My son examined a healthy cat and certified it healthy. The owner sent a different cat to the buyer. Another vet called my son and said the cat was sick. They soon figured out what happened. The owner sent a sick cat with the certificate–not the healthy cat. You can not always trust breeders. LTBB!

Cats naturally eat meat. You probably won’t see a lion eating a carrot. You need a meat-based food. Read the label. The ingredients are listed in order of quantity. Meat should be first.

Pets love treats and pets are no different.

You will want to pamper your kitty, don’t you?

Following are cat foods, treats and toys.

Best Cat Food for Cats

Healthy Cat Treats

Cat Toys Indoor Cats





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