Black Friday Deals: Happy Thanksgiving Day

TurkeyThere are lots of sales going on this weekend.

Of course Black Friday is tonight. And then we have Cyber Monday.

Just be careful tonight when you’re driving and try not to break a leg while you’re rushing the door of your favorite store.

In our town, largest mall is opening at midnight. That means that people will not have to stand out in the cold.

But some stores, like Best Buy, will leave there folks out in the cold waiting for a new TV or computer that they have hopes of getting there.

There was none of this when I was a kid. But now it is a way of life.

“Greedy” merchants, in order to stay in business, must capitalize on holiday sales. I believe about 80% of their cells are made during the holiday season. You can get some very good bargains, not only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but through New Year’s Day when they have their white sales.

I hope that you are not by yourself on this day.

I have a friend in Texas, an invalid, who will be spending today alone with her dog. To me that is very sad.

My family is serving food today to the needy. Later in the day I will join them for Thanksgiving dinner.

May God bless you this day!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you find that digital tire gage!


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