Black Friday Christmas Shopping

Personally I like to shop for Christmas gifts the day before Thanksgiving rather than on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

For example, on the day before Thanksgiving folks are grocery shopping or preparing for Thanksgiving. They are not looking for Christmas gifts. On the other hand, the stores have added staff for Christmas and the shelves are fully stocked waiting for the Black Friday bedlam.

That means I can shop in peace with good service and plenty of good stuff to grab for my married children, many grandkids and great grandkids. And some of the sales are on!

Black Friday is utter chaos. I’m an old man. I can’t risk getting a broken leg. I’m not going to line up at two in the morning waiting for a store to open so I can get a widget for half price. I’m not crazy! All the crazy behavior leads to a profit-making season for the retail stores.

Black Friday is a new tradition not to be missed. Surely it will put you in the Christmas Spirit, getting you trampled by a crowd of crazy shoppers or run over in the parking lot form equally crazy drivers.

Some folks wouldn’t be found dead shopping on Black Friday.

Others don’t go to the big box or retail stores at all.

They go to the Internet.

More shoppers are doing this.

I shop online all year. I’m an old man and can’t get out that much. I have to take care of my wife. I can order a gift on the Internet one day and have it two days later, sooner if I want to pay for it.

So the trend is online shopping where one can find Black Friday deals.


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