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Great savings at Amazon of up to 60% are on right now.

And it is not only Amazon. As I watch the TV ads here in Buhl, Idaho, I see tremendous sales at all the mall stores. So you can think about gifts for Valentine Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and such and get gifts at tremendous savings.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. We need to be careful with our spending. But if we did not overspend at Christmas, then maybe we can take advantage of these savings. Now don’t max out our credit cards to do this. You might get clobbered by the high interest charges that some card suppliers apply to your account.

But spending now could save you a lot of money later.

Changing Your Credit Card Interest

Do you know that you may qualify for a lower interest rate with your credit card. Call your card company and ask. If you have great credit, tell them you are thinking about changing card companies. That may ring their bell.

Can You Live without Your Credit Card?

If you can save for purchases, then you will save a ton of money taking advantage of lower prices and not paying interest. I do use a Costco AMX card and pay no interest because I pay the charges off every month. In February each year I get back several hundred dollars for using the card. Not Bad!

Take Advantage of No Interest Credit Card Deals?

I recently bought my wife’s caregiver a new dishwasher and refrigerator. A new double oven is coming on Monday (12-30-2013). I have six months to pay off these items and I will pay no interest at Home Depot. I also bought a couple of television sets this way. Why not use other people’s money if they will let you get away from it.

Can You Do without?

I’m always buying things I don’t really want or need. I call that Shopping at Costco. If I’m by myself, I buy want I need, mainly supplies for my wife’s care. But if I take my wife’s caregiver, I buy out the whole blasted store. Just did that this week.

I’ve got to practice more doing without!

Often you can repair something or make do for added savings.

Just an idea!

Do You Use Coupons?

Some shoppers save all kinds of coupons and save a lot of money at the store. There is one warning, if the coupon is for something you don’t want or need, you are not saving, your spending.

Think about it!

Why Do I have to Take a Hike?

Our local grocer just changed the whole store arrangement. You have to walk a country mile to get a gallon of milk or a frozen pot pie. Why, so you will walk up and down the aisles grabbing stuff you don’t need. On every corner is a display of some product you just have to have. They are not stupid. They want all of your money, not just part of it.

Grocers and department stores have all kinds of tricks to grab your money. It’s like the midway as you walk to the Big Top. (Whoops! For you young folks many circuses came to town. The Big Top was the tent for the main events.)

Well, anyway, the Circus wanted you to see the sword swaggerer and bearded lady and to buy cotton candy and try your luck at ring toss, anything to drain your pockets.

Are You Thinking about Retirement Some Day?

Make sure you save 10% of your income before you blow your wad on things that you really don’t need. This money should be invested in safe products. The older you are, the more safety for saving required.

Yes, there are Great savings at Amazon of up to 60% right now.


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