Best Practical Gifts for Any Occasion

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For the practical person, a practical gift is always better than something that is strictly sentimental. If you are trying to buy a gift for someone that values practicality, here are some of the best practical gifts you could buy that person:

Socks –

You can never have enough socks. The gift of socks tells the receiver that you care Product Detailsabout how arm their feet are and their comfort. Socks might be a lame gift for kids, but it’s a great practical gift for anyone on your list. Actually, socks or stocking can be very fun or attractive gifts.

A Starbucks card –

Starbucks and just about every other coffee chain lets you load up gift cards and give them out to your friends and family. If you have someone on your gift list that is coffee obsessed, this is a great way to pay for their daily fix, even if you can’Product Detailst always accompany them to the shop.

A new phone charger –

Anyone with a cellphone will tell you that there’s nothing worse than losing your charger. You only get one free per phone, so if you lose it, you have to buy a new one—unless a generous friend or relative has given you a spare. Other cell phone accessories also make fine gifts.

A travel umbrella –

An umbrella that you can stick in the car or in a bag is a great gift, especially for someone that lives in a rainy part of the country. Leaving home without an umbrella on a rainy day is the worst, but a travel umbrella that’s always on hand when a downpour begins? Perfect!

A tool kit –

Have you ever wanted to hang a picture but realized that you didn’t have a hammer? Or nails. Or a level. Giving the gift of preparedness is a great present for someone who values practicality. A simple set that has a hammer, a measuring tape, a few screwdrivers, and some wrenches is all you need.

Rain jacket –

It might not always be the most glamorous of jackets you could give, but it will always be appreciated. There are rain jackets that you can find that fold themselves into little squares or triangles, for easy portability in a pocket or purse.

An ereader –

For the practical person who also loves to read, there’s nothing better than the gift of an ereader. This will allow them to carry around hundreds of books at a time, instead of just one or two.

I have an Amazon reader which I use not only to read books but to search the net or play games. Let’s see, it’s called the Kindle reader. lol


P.S. Does the car need a hub cap. I just bought one for my 2006 Sienna after driving up to Bear Gulch southeast of Hollister, Idaho. I was surprised to find it on Amazon. Won’t the person receiving your gift think you are so thoughtful?

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