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If you watch TV you know that wild dogs hunt for meat and not a carrot patch. They are designed to do so. Too often dog food producers have avoided meat to cut down cost. At one time, wild horses were used in dog food but that was restricted. Horse meat is eaten in various parts of the world. In Belgium, they love horse meat.

Recently, more people are insisting that the main part of dog food be meat. Good idea! Better still, make sure your dog food is a source of high protein. Most domestic dogs don’t have to run 50 or 100 miles each day to kill a critter they can eat. Feed your dog according to his needs which may not be 100 percent meat.

Dogs will eat anything because they have been associated with man. Some dog foods have a lot of grain which is not to be desired. You want high protein but fruits or vegetables in your dog food will not injure your dog.

For Puppies, buy a dog food for puppies, not adult dog food. Also, fast growing puppies may have vitamin deficiencies. See your vet.

I watch my son, a vet, often at work. Puppies are always getting his attention. They get a lot of shots!

Your dog loves treats and toys. I feed our caregiver’s dog a treat everyday. He sticks with me until I give it to him.

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