Be Careful with Holiday Spending

I know that you would expect me to spend everything you can and then some clicking on product links on my site. But there is a danger in that. You should not be spending more than you can afford and you should not deplete your savings which you will need when you are my age which will be 82 in January. You don’t know what your future will bring. I spend up to $1000.00 a week just to take care of my wife who is ill and incapacitated. And what if the car breaks down? Will you have money to fix it without borrowing.


You should be saving and investing 10% of your income for the future, not for short term emergencies. So you need to save for short term emergencies too. Or perhaps you need to save for that new refrigerator rather than going into debt. Now I bought a new refrigerator and dishwasher at Home Depot and I did put it on my card. Why? Because there is no interest on such items if you pay them off in six months. I just have my bank send them a check each month and I get to earn money on my money before it goes out. Sears has such a program too. I bought a television and paid no interest.


When you are shopping for a specific item, it is a good idea to check out the pricing on the Internet before you go shopping at the local mall. You don’t want to pay too much do you?


Also, watch for sales. But just because something is on sale does not mean you have to buy it. Think about it. It’s your money!


When you are dealing with a furniture salesman, remember that he has a big markup. He could sell it to you for half and it wouldn’t hurt him that much. Can you bicker about the price.


I use to know a couple of hillbillies who worked in our company. One day the older of the two said to his boss when the boss corrected him, “Well, I’ve been thinkin’ about leaving.” HIs boss said, “No, there is no problem. Just a suggestion!” But the man left the company. Why could he do this? Because he watched his money and invested it instead of blowing it. He had started a riding academy and was selling hay, making only 25 cents on each bail. He bought it for a buck and sold it for 75 cents. He no longer needed his job.

The younger told me never to pay the asking price on anything. He said carry some business cards with you and when the salesman doesn’t take your offer, right the offer on your card and hand it to him. He said within a day or two you will probably get a call to come in and pick up your new television or what ever the product was.


Be careful with your money. Choose lower cost items or reducing the number of recipients. Gift pools work for families. Each member pulls a name and buys only for that family member.

I have 34 living grandchildren and about 20 great grandchildren. I no longer buy for my married grandchildren nor I go down to the greats. I just don’t have that much energy to pick out that many gifts. My dad has a simple solution. He just sent us money. But I would rather find the younger grandchildren a gift.


Now I know that many rush to the stores on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. I prefer to shop the day before Thanksgiving when there are not crowds, the sales are usually on, and the store is staffed to handle Black Friday. I call that pleasant shopping. All the good stuff is out at good prices. I think I’ll call that White Wednesday!


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