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Enjoy unlimited instant streaming of movies and TV shows. Anywhere, anytime.

Amazon Prime is fantastic. You get so many free items and free shipping on many items that it pays for itself over and over again.

I don’t know why I ever hesitated to join Prime. It was stupid on my part because I buy so much stuff from Amazon because of good service and fast delivery.

And I can just click to buy.

That is very nice.

When I was a teenager, our church building had two 35 mm movie projectors. We showed movies every Thursday and Friday night. I was an operator which was a big thrill for a teenager. Now, the big arc light projectors are becoming a thing of the past as digital technology takes over.

We have a Mexican restaurant in our town which was once a movie theater. One of the projectors has been preserved and you can take a look at it while you are eating.

I can remember that when I was really young my brother walked me one mile to the neighborhood theater. He had a dime and thought they would let me in free. They didn’t so we had to trudge our way back home.

Such is life!


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