A Holiday Poem for All Our Internet Friends

A Holiday Poem for All  Our Intenret Friends


John Taylor Jones

The wind came up on Santa’s sleigh.
Ho! Ho! He said, We’re blown away.
We were tracking to Finland
And this is Spain, I say.

Donner laughed at the jolly old man,
Better get GPS for this old can.
Then maybe when a cloud blocks the stars
You will be blown away and know where you are.

Blitzen said, Yes, jolly old soul,
We’re out of date as gift sleighs go.
This isn’t Spain,
It’s Buffalo.

So on they went throughout the night,
A sombrero in Iceland and kilts in Niger.
Well, Rudolph said, They will
Know we were here.

Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year!

John and Pat Jones
Buhl, ID

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One thought on “A Holiday Poem for All Our Internet Friends

  1. Fun. Thank you. We hope you had a beautiful Christmas.
    I glad to be still reading Christmas messages. It went by too fast.

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