6 Presents for Kids You Might Not Have Thought of Before

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Kids like to look at things.

Kids like to look at things.

Here are some gift ideas that you may not of thought of to make your kids happy:

Accessories for the bike

As a kid, your bike is usually as important to you as your first car will be. Why not give them some cool accessories to jazz it up? If they ever ride at night, a bike light is always a good idea, while a new seat or a bell can also be great! When I was a kid, just getting a bike was an almost impossible task. I never had a new bike, just one used one which my friend crashed the second day I got it and buckled the forks. Well, like all bike repairs in those days, it was easy to find a new set of forks and install them. Now you need an “aircraft mechanic” to repair a bike.

If you are tired of giving your kids the same gifts over and over, here are six unique present ideas:

Play stands or houses –

A play stand might sound like a routine gift, but there are stores like Ikea that offer very inexpensive play houses and stands made out of cardboard. This makes them easier to transport and more fun to play with, especially because your child can use markers or crayons to decorate the house himself.

A chemistry set –

If you want an easy and fun way to get your child interested in science, giving her a chemistry set with easy experiments is an awesome way. This probably isn’t a gift that any of your relatives are going to think of, either, so feel free to get the best set you can find. Remember that kids need supervision when it comes to chemicals so be careful. When I was a kid, a chemistry set was a dream that finally came true with my friends set and a used one I obtained later.

A retro toy –

Is there a toy from your childhood that you always loved to play with? If so, why not see if you can find that toy or an updated version? This is a great way to connect with your child and show them what you loved about being a child. One Christmas, my dad bought me a stationary engine. I never could get the steam up so that it would run. I doubt that you could find one of those now days. But there is always Ebay.

An activity book –

If you want to find a way to get him out from in front of the television, a book that is chock full of activities is a great place to start. For example, look for a scavenger hunt book that gets him outside and looking for leaves and critters. Alternatively, find a drawing, logic puzzles, or wordplay book that stimulates his mind while he’s having fun. I do logic puzzles. So does my granddaughter I learned by surprise. I just bought us new bunch of puzzles to work on. Logic puzzles will strain your brain so watch that you buy things that the kids can handle.

Art supplies –

No kid can ever have too many crayons or markers. Paired with a giant roll of paper that he can spread all over the table, you can’t go wrong with a gift in this vein. If you can find a box that will hold all of the supplies that allows him to take the set wherever he wants to go, you’ll definitely have a winner! I taught my kids to paint when they were about four or five years old. I’m doing the same with some of my grandchildren. Two of my children took an interest in art and one is a profession artist. I still paint to this day, not because I call myself an artist but because it is relaxing (or frustrating) to me. Art stuff is a good gift for adults too. I went on vacation last week to Bear Lake, Utah and my daughter took art supplies for the kids to play with.

We caught some Big Fish. Fishing stuff is a great gift for kids too.


My daughter counted up my great grand-kids for me. The number is 29 until November. Then it will be 30. We had 35 grandchildren with all but one still living.

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