5 Gifts You Can Give Your Dog

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Not everyone likes to give gifts to their dogs, but some of us like to give a little extra appreciation to the pets that give us so much love and devotion over the course of their lives. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a dog’s birthday or you just want to get him something special, here are five great gifts to give your dog:

Fence Window

A window he can peek out of. If your dog is always trying to see what’s happening on the other side of his fence, why not give him a little window in the fence, where he can watch the people and other dogs go by? There are brands that make Plexiglas portholes for dogs, but any type of window will do.

Dog Bed

A great dog bed. If he doesn’t yet have somewhere of his own to sleep, getting him a comfy dog bed will be the gift that keeps on giving as he ages. Even if he prefers sleeping on the couch or on your bed, a spot all to himself, especially when he can no longer jump up on furniture, that cushions his joints as he sleeps is a great idea.

A Pool

While there are dog-specific pools you can buy, any kiddie pool will do. You can fill it with ice and water on a hot summer day and let him splash and play to his heart’s content. Dogs like to cool down in water, and if you’re willing to splash around with him, a pool can be hours of fun for a dog.

A Fitness Tracker

Do you have a pooch who’s getting a little pudgy? Do you just want to see how many steps he takes during a day? A fitness tracker for a dog is a great way to see if he just sleeps all day while you’re at work or if he runs laps around the house. You can also keep track of how long your walks are and if he’s eating too much or not enough food.

Proper Dog Seatbelt

If your dog often goes in the car with you, you are going to want a seat belt that will actually keep him safe in the event of an accident. The best models string up between the handles in your backseat and connect to a harness that the dog wears.

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