5 Best Gifts for Sisters


I have black, brown and white grandchildren, 11 adopted.

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Buying a gift for your sister can be nerve wracking. Even if you’re the best of friends, you might not always see eye-to-eye when it comes to style and preferences. If you buy something that you love, she might not like it. If you buy something that you only think is her style, but you’re not sure, she still might not like it. Here are a few suggestion to help you get over the fear of buying a present for your sister:

A pair of trendy sunglasses –

They don’t have to be expensive, but they should be on-trend. Everyone likes to look fashionable, and with the variety of great styles out there that look good on just about everybody, you can’t go wrong with a pair of great sunglasses.

Mini spa kit –

Giving her a spa day might get a little expensive, but you can give her all the products to make her feel like she’s at a spa, for a fraction of the price. Fancy lotions, face masks, manicure and pedicure kits—the whole nine yards. If you can get them all in the same scent or from the same brand and stick them in a cute basket, that’ll be even better!

A fitness tracker –

If your sister is trying to get in shape or is already in shape but needs a better way to track her daily runs, you can never go wrong with a fitness tracker. These simple, easy to use little bracelets or clip-ons track steps, heartbeat, and even caloric intake, usually using an app on the phone or by connecting through Bluetooth to the computer.

New makeup tools –

If your sister wears makeup, she might not be willing to splurge on the really expensive tools. Her birthday or a holiday are a great time to pick up a set for her. Even a single fancy makeup brush can be a great gift that she’ll be sure to use every single day.

A cute knick-knack –

If she’s got some spare room on a shelf or bookcase that isn’t already taken by a book, you can always give her a cute little knick-knack to put there. She’ll think of you every time she looks at it. Make sure to pick something that matches the rest of her décor!


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