A Halloween Poem

John Taylor Jones

In days of yore— long before you were a gleam in your parent’s eye
We trudged the streets of our hometown with pillowcases in hand
To beg for goodies our neighbor’s had—like summer hoboes that our mothers fed at the door—
And warned that if the treats did not please us, there would be tricks galore.

We were not kidding my dear friends,
We were loaded to the gills
With bars of soap and jelly-jar wax
To draw on window panes.

And we were quite the artist too
At scribbles in “modern art.”
Soap for old ladies easily removed,
But wax for nasty old guys.

We dressed as bums,
With a bandana filled with paper tied to a stick,
With the holes in our trousers fitting right in.
Folks gave us goodies at the door,  but they never let us in.

Older bums stole from smaller kids,
A trick we learned too soon.
But we were not as tough as they
And one weep or cry brought the stuff back again.
The girls dressed as fairies or princesses,

We could not really tell which,
But some dressed as witches,
We told them they need not a costume to bewitch.
And once a terrible gorilla

Came charging right at us.
I was so terrified, I could not stop shaking, nearly peed my pants,
Put he pulled off his head and said, “It’s OK, kid!” So then I could relax.
Now days little kids come knocking on my door,

Dressed in fancy costumes their mother’s bought at the store.
Most on my street don’t give out treats, to them, Halloween is “such a bore.”
But I say, “Come in Kids! H
ere’s candy and there’s a lot more.”

I remember walking down those streets, Looking back behind.
I new that ghosts and goblins lurked
Behind each bush and vine.

Now days folks gather the kids off the streets
To safer places to party,
Giving them treats in church parking lots—
Trunk or Treat is not Trick or Treat— if you believe that, I’m sorry!

But there are devils amongst us
Who will try to poison kids.
Parents have to inspect the stuff the kids get in their baskets,
A necessary thing for kids to keep them out of caskets.

And kids are sometimes hit in the streets,
By drivers who go too fast, when little goblins are on the prowl.
They can be very hard to see, should always carry a light,
To avoid getting hit and hurt, a very sorry plight.

Let’s be safe this Halloween,
But let the demons roam.
Share your goodies with the kids and
Invite them to your home.

Copyright©2013 John T. Jones, Ph.D.

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