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Choosing a gift is often made in a hurry. Golly Gee! I forgot today is our anniversary! It’s better to think ahead a few days. Because of the speed of delivery, you can sometimes order one day and get the gift the next day.

It Helps to Know the Person

The better you know a person, the easier it becomes to pick a gift. Sometimes folks have hidden desires, perhaps including a gift because of price or what others will think. It is possible to work around such problems but it may not be easy.

Your Wife

Wives are easy to choose gifts for. Unfortuanately not enough thinking is involved. If a man tells his secretary to order his wife some flowers, he has not thought things out. Of course women love flowers and puts special significance on them. What she really wants is a new putter.

Gifts can make a woman’s work easier. There is hardly enough hours in the day for her to get things done. A working woman with children can be rushed at every hour of the day. Maybe that clothers dryer that takes all day to dry a batch of clothes and uses a zillion watt-hours of electric power should be replaced. What a nice surprise!

Women like smoothies. Maybe a blender will make her happy.

Your Husband

Sports and outdoors are great for many men. Your husband might prefer a premium chess set and board. A new camera, fishing pole, canoe, some tools or a drill press. You name it! He will like it.

Other Family Members

Age and gender determine what a child might lake. Older children drift toward the adult categories. A mountain bike might please a teenager or an adult. Our kids are focused on electronics. They live on the cell phone. That open a bunch of categories to choose from. Apparel is important to these same groups.


Most people have a dog or cat. In Idaho where I live, they also have a horse. Dogs and cats like toys. Cat’s like dark places and enjoy cat tunnels. A horse has many needs. Maybe that grooming kit is just what he needs.
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I seek for best sellers at Amazon to start each post. The reason is that Amazon gives rapid service and has a large selection of products. My job is to make the search easier by directing my readers to a segment where they will have interest.

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