Men Valentine Gift Ideas

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Men usually don’t think too much about Valentines other than in regard to finding a gift for a loved one. However, women may want a gift for her sweetheart. But Valentine Day is for men and women as you will see from the histories below.

Men Valentine Gift Ideas
Women Gift Ideas

A Cartoon History of St. Valentine

La historia del Día de San Valentín

Happy Valentine Day!


Valentine Coloring Pages

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Coloring or Painting Valentines is Great Fun!

Coloring or Painting Valentines is Great Fun!

Valentine Coloring Pages are loved by children and adults. They make great gifts and they may be used to create gifts. Tools are crayonsand colored pencils and perhaps, paint and brush.

Back When I Was a Kid

I’m 84 years old but as I remember in grade school, we made valentines. We also bought them at the dime store and gave them to our classmates. In the evening, on Valentines Day, we put them on the doorstep of our friends. Sometimes we signed them but sometimes we were too shy, especially if it was a girl we liked but were too timid to approach.

Some Valentines Were Pretty Gross

They were also very funny to us kids. I guess you can still buy such valentines if you look. Others prefer regular valentines.

We Played Favorites

In school, we could remain anonymous too. You could put a valentine into the class valentine box without signing it. But there is a certain distance between the giver and receiver with valentines so we usually signed them. A special valentine always impressed the receiver. Poor kids, kids too poor to buy valentines, could make homemade valentines but they were not always well received.

Roses Are Red

Red Rose Picture

A Rose for Valentines

The verse on a valentine was usually very simple:

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue. 

Da da da da da, (I can’t remember this line)

I love you!

Sometimes we made our own verses.

Older Kids and Young Adults Gave Gifts

Favorite gifts were candy or flowers. Now days folks give very expensive gifts such as jewelry. Jewelry does not have to be expensive. The beautiful pendant at right is only $25.00. I have bought Christmas gifts from this source and my granddaughters loved them.

Conclusion: Make Your Gift of Love 

Product Details

“Heart of the Ocean” Blue SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace Women Fashion Jewelry $25

That is what Valentines Day is all about!


Personalized Valentine Gifts

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A number of important holidays are coming up. When you think of gifts for these special days, you might consider personalized gift.

You Really Love Me!

Apersonalized gift says, “You really love me!” And isn’t that your object when you give a gift, to tell someone that you love them?

It’s for Me and Me Alone!MSHG Logo

Your personalized gift says, “This is for you and you alone. There is no one else in the world that I love is much as I love you.”

How Thoughtful Can You Be?

valentien engageYou can’t be more thoughtful than this, to give someone a personalized gift.

Some Personalized Gift Ideas

Here are some gift ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Personalized Gifts for Women
Personalized Gifts for Men
Personalized Gifts for Girls
Personalized Gifts for Kids
Personalized Gifts for Baby
Gifts For Boys
Gifts for Pets



The pics link to Amazon’s Gift Finder Page. Enjoy!

valentine kids

Amazon Gift Ideas

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This Links to my Etsy Store which I call MyStuffy because it is stuff from our home that we must move for others to enjoy. We are very old.

Here are some continually updated gift ideas from Amazon, so favorite this page and come back time to time to see what is hot!

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!
John and Pat

How to Pick a Gift for Someone You Don’t Know Well

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Chances are, you’ll probably have someone on your list that you want to (or have to) buy a gift for that you don’t know very well. Picking a gift for that person can go in one of two directions: first, you buy something obviously generic, or second, you buy something great that anyone would love to receive. Here’s how to do the second, even if you have very little information about that person:

Grab a Gift Card

This may seem like an impersonal gift, and it kind of is—but it’s also a good way to give someone that you don’t really know something that they are likely to use. Gift cards to popular restaurants or coffee shops are a great option, for example, because they allow the receiver to get whatever they want or need. If you’ve even once seen that person with a coffee cup in hand, this can be a great way to give them something that you’ll know they’ll use, even if you don’t really know that person.

A Notebook

Everyone needs a notebook, right? You can go as standard or as fancy as you want with this notebook—just pick something high quality that won’t rip itself to shreds the first time they put it in their bag. There are lots of companies that produce great notebooks, so look for one that uses the best materials and construction methods to create their books. A leather bound notebook is great for memoirs and as a dairy. Also, you can buy a digital notebook.

A Scarf or Pair of Gloves

A nice scarf or pair of gloves will always be appreciated and used, especially if you’re looking for a gift around Christmas or Hanukah. Picking something in fairly neutral colors or that will go great with just about any outfit ensures that you’ll match the receiver’s style.

Give the Gift of Food

A box of chocolates is always a safe bet (unless you know the receiver is allergic to chocolate). Nuts, baked goods, and other tasty treats will always be great options, especially for someone you don’t really know. It still shows thought and planning but doesn’t make you look like you picked up something random. If you put some time into packaging the food in a unique, attractive, or interesting way, you’re sure to please, even if the gift isn’t really that personalized. A gift basket is nice.

Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

John and Pat

5 Gifts You Can Give Your Dog

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Not everyone likes to give gifts to their dogs, but some of us like to give a little extra appreciation to the pets that give us so much love and devotion over the course of their lives. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a dog’s birthday or you just want to get him something special, here are five great gifts to give your dog:

Fence Window

A window he can peek out of. If your dog is always trying to see what’s happening on the other side of his fence, why not give him a little window in the fence, where he can watch the people and other dogs go by? There are brands that make Plexiglas portholes for dogs, but any type of window will do.

Dog Bed

A great dog bed. If he doesn’t yet have somewhere of his own to sleep, getting him a comfy dog bed will be the gift that keeps on giving as he ages. Even if he prefers sleeping on the couch or on your bed, a spot all to himself, especially when he can no longer jump up on furniture, that cushions his joints as he sleeps is a great idea.

A Pool

While there are dog-specific pools you can buy, any kiddie pool will do. You can fill it with ice and water on a hot summer day and let him splash and play to his heart’s content. Dogs like to cool down in water, and if you’re willing to splash around with him, a pool can be hours of fun for a dog.

A Fitness Tracker

Do you have a pooch who’s getting a little pudgy? Do you just want to see how many steps he takes during a day? A fitness tracker for a dog is a great way to see if he just sleeps all day while you’re at work or if he runs laps around the house. You can also keep track of how long your walks are and if he’s eating too much or not enough food.

Proper Dog Seatbelt

If your dog often goes in the car with you, you are going to want a seat belt that will actually keep him safe in the event of an accident. The best models string up between the handles in your backseat and connect to a harness that the dog wears.

Merry Christmas!


How to Pick a Gift for That “Hard to Gift” Person

zodiacWe all have that person in our lives—they’ve already got everything they could already want or need. You still want to give them something to show your love and appreciation, but all of the ideas you’ve had are things they already have or things they would never want or use. Also, you probably have a budget for gifts and price can be a hindrance in gift selection. Here are some tips for narrowing in on a gift for that person on your list that’s hard to shop for.

Think about Their Tastes

If you’re buying a gift for this person, you probably already know them fairly well. Take a moment to stop and think about what they may have told you about what they like or what they need. If you want the gift to be a complete surprise, thinking very carefully about what they seem to like, what they are interested in, and how their home is decorated is a great way to come up with a gift that you know will mesh well with his or her life. Take a look at what they already have. That will give you ideas.

Consider Giving a Gift Card

Gift Cards Amazon

There is nothing wrong with giving someone a gift card. For many people, this may be the ideal gift, since it allows them to get something that they really need or want, even if they haven’t taken the time to express that need or want to anyone else. If you are really having trouble finding something that you know this person will use, a gift card or certificate is a great alternative to a traditional gift. You can give a gift card that will lead your gift card receiver to a particular store like a book store.

Think about Giving an Experience

If there is someone in your life that already has everything they need or want, they still might not have done everything they want to do. Giving someone the gift of an experience like a ride in a helicopter or flying lessons or a trip can be a great way to show them that you care, without adding just another candle or useless knick-knack to their collection. This is also a great idea for the minimalist in your life, who isn’t interested in “things.”

Pay a Bill or Offer a Service

It doesn’t have to be as cheesy as coupons for free hugs, but it can be in that same vein—a great way to show someone you care is to cover their utility bills or to offer to babysit for a day.

The special selection of a gift let the receiver know that you really care.

Gift Cards Amazon

Merry Christmas to All!


6 Presents for Kids You Might Not Have Thought of Before

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Kids like to look at things.

Kids like to look at things.

Here are some gift ideas that you may not of thought of to make your kids happy:

Accessories for the bike

As a kid, your bike is usually as important to you as your first car will be. Why not give them some cool accessories to jazz it up? If they ever ride at night, a bike light is always a good idea, while a new seat or a bell can also be great! When I was a kid, just getting a bike was an almost impossible task. I never had a new bike, just one used one which my friend crashed the second day I got it and buckled the forks. Well, like all bike repairs in those days, it was easy to find a new set of forks and install them. Now you need an “aircraft mechanic” to repair a bike.

If you are tired of giving your kids the same gifts over and over, here are six unique present ideas:

Play stands or houses –

A play stand might sound like a routine gift, but there are stores like Ikea that offer very inexpensive play houses and stands made out of cardboard. This makes them easier to transport and more fun to play with, especially because your child can use markers or crayons to decorate the house himself.

A chemistry set –

If you want an easy and fun way to get your child interested in science, giving her a chemistry set with easy experiments is an awesome way. This probably isn’t a gift that any of your relatives are going to think of, either, so feel free to get the best set you can find. Remember that kids need supervision when it comes to chemicals so be careful. When I was a kid, a chemistry set was a dream that finally came true with my friends set and a used one I obtained later.

A retro toy –

Is there a toy from your childhood that you always loved to play with? If so, why not see if you can find that toy or an updated version? This is a great way to connect with your child and show them what you loved about being a child. One Christmas, my dad bought me a stationary engine. I never could get the steam up so that it would run. I doubt that you could find one of those now days. But there is always Ebay.

An activity book –

If you want to find a way to get him out from in front of the television, a book that is chock full of activities is a great place to start. For example, look for a scavenger hunt book that gets him outside and looking for leaves and critters. Alternatively, find a drawing, logic puzzles, or wordplay book that stimulates his mind while he’s having fun. I do logic puzzles. So does my granddaughter I learned by surprise. I just bought us new bunch of puzzles to work on. Logic puzzles will strain your brain so watch that you buy things that the kids can handle.

Art supplies –

No kid can ever have too many crayons or markers. Paired with a giant roll of paper that he can spread all over the table, you can’t go wrong with a gift in this vein. If you can find a box that will hold all of the supplies that allows him to take the set wherever he wants to go, you’ll definitely have a winner! I taught my kids to paint when they were about four or five years old. I’m doing the same with some of my grandchildren. Two of my children took an interest in art and one is a profession artist. I still paint to this day, not because I call myself an artist but because it is relaxing (or frustrating) to me. Art stuff is a good gift for adults too. I went on vacation last week to Bear Lake, Utah and my daughter took art supplies for the kids to play with.

We caught some Big Fish. Fishing stuff is a great gift for kids too.


My daughter counted up my great grand-kids for me. The number is 29 until November. Then it will be 30. We had 35 grandchildren with all but one still living.

5 Best Gifts for Sisters


I have black, brown and white grandchildren, 11 adopted.

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Buying a gift for your sister can be nerve wracking. Even if you’re the best of friends, you might not always see eye-to-eye when it comes to style and preferences. If you buy something that you love, she might not like it. If you buy something that you only think is her style, but you’re not sure, she still might not like it. Here are a few suggestion to help you get over the fear of buying a present for your sister:

A pair of trendy sunglasses –

They don’t have to be expensive, but they should be on-trend. Everyone likes to look fashionable, and with the variety of great styles out there that look good on just about everybody, you can’t go wrong with a pair of great sunglasses.

Mini spa kit –

Giving her a spa day might get a little expensive, but you can give her all the products to make her feel like she’s at a spa, for a fraction of the price. Fancy lotions, face masks, manicure and pedicure kits—the whole nine yards. If you can get them all in the same scent or from the same brand and stick them in a cute basket, that’ll be even better!

A fitness tracker –

If your sister is trying to get in shape or is already in shape but needs a better way to track her daily runs, you can never go wrong with a fitness tracker. These simple, easy to use little bracelets or clip-ons track steps, heartbeat, and even caloric intake, usually using an app on the phone or by connecting through Bluetooth to the computer.

New makeup tools –

If your sister wears makeup, she might not be willing to splurge on the really expensive tools. Her birthday or a holiday are a great time to pick up a set for her. Even a single fancy makeup brush can be a great gift that she’ll be sure to use every single day.

A cute knick-knack –

If she’s got some spare room on a shelf or bookcase that isn’t already taken by a book, you can always give her a cute little knick-knack to put there. She’ll think of you every time she looks at it. Make sure to pick something that matches the rest of her décor!


5 Best Gifts for Moms


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Picking a gift that shows your mom who much you care about her can be difficult. You know that she’ll say she loves anything you give her, but how do you make sure that you give her something that she actually will love and use? Whether for her birthday, Mother’s Day, or any other holiday or occasion, here are five ideas of gifts that you can give your mom:

A nice blanket –

If your mom is anything like my wife, she gets cold all the time. What’s better for the mom who’s always cold than a nice blanket? While you can find beautiful blankets just about anywhere, look for a colorful, cozy blanket with a little eccentric flair or design, so every time she uses it, she’ll remember that you gave it to her. My wife has ALZ so we keep her covered.

A new serving bowl –

If you’re not sure what to get the mother that has everything, most moms could always use a new serving bowl. Why? Because getting enough food on the table for all her family and friends can be difficult if you don’t have enough clean, beautiful dishes. If she often runs out of bowls and platters, a new serving bowl can be the ideal gift. Well, you know how frustrating this can be. What are we going to put these carrots in? We can’t just leave them in the pan (as a man would).

Pair of slippers –

Another great gift for the mom who’s always cold, a pair of slippers can be a great way to show her that you care about her and how she feels. You can get her a great pair of slippers with a soft interior and hard soles so she can use them to putter around the yard or even make a quick trip to the grocery store! Slippers for dad? Hardly ever. Most men don’t bother with slippers.

Notecards or stationary –

If your mom loves to write notes to her children and friends, supplying her with a beautiful set of notecards or some interesting stationary will always be a great gift. Pick something that matches her personality, but don’t be afraid to get something a little trendy that she would usually not pick out herself. And have them personalized for an extra treat.

A new kitchen gadget –

For the mom who loves to cook for her family but has been holding off buying one of the right tools, why not pick that tool up for her? The right blender, food processor, or mixer can make her life much easier and will allow her to explore those new recipes she’s been wanting to try. (Pic is of Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer, Makes Veggie Pasta)

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

John and Pat