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For Father’s Day: My Dad, a Poem

Now is the time we think of our fathers. I hope you knew your father and have had a long association with him. It is hard to think of a gift for Father’s Day when they have given so much to us. (FTC Note: I may get a small commission from the above link to Amazon. Thank you!)

My Dad
John Taylor Jones

My Parents

My Parents, Alice Taylor Jones (b. 1901 Silver City, Utah d. 1990) and Lawrence Ahaz Jones (b. 1900 Bountiful, Utah d. 1988)

I can see him above the waters edge
Catching the cutthroat trout
That My Brother and I
Were pulling from the Yellowstone River,
Below Fishing Bridge.

I can see him working
Around the house,
Wearing my Ike jacket
Left over from the Korean War.
My ribbons and battle stars and
My precious combat infantryman’s badge
Probably put away for safekeeping.

Dad was a ranch kid and
Liked to work outdoors.
I can remember him
Pounding on his old Underwood typewriter
Out in the garage,
Whipping out a short story or complicated poem.

I remember him giving me a quarter,
When he sold my Oldsmobile,
On blocks in the garage,
To the neighbor boys for five dollars.
I had a fortune!

I can remember him on the telephone
Talking to people who were out of work,
Helping them to find a job.
He had been helped himself by others
During the Great Depression.
He had worked on the WPA
As an accountant.

Before my time,
He farmed in Bountiful, Utah
And ranched in Rich County, Utah,
(Named after my great greatuncle, Charles Rich).
He and his father homesteaded
On Ten Mile Pass in Idaho
And then, Delta, Utah.

Dad was a hopeless romantic,
Never saying one unkind word
To our mother.
I remember him calling
Us around the dinner table and
Kneeling us down in family prayer.

I remember how excited
He would get before Christmas.
If I was getting a present,
He always had to
Tell me about it before
Christmas day.
That always sent me on a hunt
Thoughout the house,
Hoping to get a glimpse
Of my new toy carbine rifle
Or steam-operated
Stationary Engine.

Dad was the consummate politician,
Soon realizing that it was more important
To know influential people
Than to have particular skills.
It was County Commissioner
And City Auditor,
The position from which he retired.

He had a County Sheriff’s badge
And a revolver
That he carried on vacation trips,
The badge coming in handy
If he was caught speeding,
Which he did.

Dad was a died-in-the-wool Mormon,
His grandfather Porter being born
On the Sweetwater River
in 1847, whose grandmother Rich
Was the first white woman
To die in Utah.

He was kidnapped by Ute Indians
Ten days after his birth in 1900.
So then, he was a Ute.
The Mormon elders
Were able to buy him back
After long negotiations,
Never a Ute Chief.

I cried
Like a baby
When he died.

End of Poem

copyright©2015 John Taylor Jones, Ph.D.

Dear Old Dad

My Parents

My Parents

My father was born in Bountiful Utah in 1900. He was kidnapped by Ute Indians when he was 10 days old. After two weeks of negotiating with the Indians, he was returned to my grandmother.

He was raised on farms and ranches in Utah and Idaho. He moved to the big city of Salt Lake in about 1921 where he met my mother who was born in Silver City Utah in a tent in 1901.

Dad was always a hopeless romantic towards mother and the two of them never said one unkind word to each other. He became an accountant and after two years of unemployment during the Great Depression, he was able to work steadily until his retirement. His last employment years were as City Auditor of Salt Lake City.

Dad told us lots of stories about his days in Rich County, Utah (named after my great-grandfather, Charles C Rich) and on Ten Mile Pass in Idaho, near Soda Springs. He was a hunter and trapper trying to eke out an existence. While homesteading on Ten Mile Pass with his father, they suffered from scurvy until my father, with the help of his father, made him a pair of skis which allowed him to hunt.

Dad often took my brother, Don, and I fishing. He never fished himself, as he had earlier in his life, but he became extremely excited when we caught a fish. I remember when we were catching trout on the Yellowstone River just below Fishing Bridge, throwing trout up to Dad on the bank above. It was very exciting and very fun for Dad.

It was very funny to Don and me, see our father jumping around like a jumping jack.

Dad always expected us to be independent. However, when I was in college and my wife and I were looking for the next meal, Dad and Mother showed up with boxes of groceries. I don’t know how they knew we were hurting. Maybe it was because Dad knew that we had to pay for surgery on our new son and that my wife was not working. My part-time jobs and G.I. benefits from the Korean War, were not enough. However, I suspect that my wife’s dad told him.

Dad was a lifelong church worker. He was also a writer. When I was a baby, he wrote a story for the Rocky Mountain News called Will a Coyote Commit Suicide? That bought me canned milk. He also wrote some pretty good poetry that he published in the world fair poetry journals.

Seeing Dad pound on his typewriter out in the garage made me want to be a writer.

Unfortunately, some folks have never met their father.. Many young fathers were killed in wars. Some never stuck around a long enough to be a father. Even “unknown” fathers are sought after by their children, in many cases. Most of us want to know who our father was.

I hope that you can be with your father on Father’s Day. If he is gone, maybe you can visit his grave.

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

Father’s Day is a day for remembrance.


Amazon Gifts for Father’s Day

Back when I was a boy

An Old Man With a Gift

When I was a youngster, an old man that was staying with my neighbor, Mrs. Matthews,

A Kind Old Man

A Kind Old Man

next door, told me to come up to the fence. I was a little apprehensive when approaching the man. In some ways to me, he was different. But I decided to go up to the fence. I knew I had the fence between me and the man.There he handed me a brand-new baseball glove and a softball.

I couldn’t believe it. I received very few gifts for Christmas and none for my birthday and I didn’t expect a gift from across the fence. I was so excited I could hardly run fast enough into the house to show off my new glove and my new ball.

The glove and the ball were very inexpensive and they did last very long. What has lasted always years, at least 75 years, is the memory of that kind old man who would think to give the poor kid living next door a gift.I still picture that event vividly in my mind.

The ball and glove didn't last long.

The ball and glove didn’t last long.

I know he had to go out of his way to find this gift for me. I knew that he didn’t have a lot of money to spend on the gift. That didn’t matter at all, the cost of the gift. What mattered was his kindness. I hope to see him again in the not too far future. When I find him, I will thank him again.

It’s not the gift itself

You can see that it’s not the gift itself that matters. As they say, it’s the thought behind it that counts.

There are a lot of philanthropists in this world who give billions for the benefit of mankind around our globe. It is easy for them to give because they have so much wealth. It is harder for a poor person to give a gift to another poor person.

Sometimes all we can give is our love. That is often enough.


What Does Easter Mean to You?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Some 2000 years ago, an itinerant preacher named Jesus Christ caused a ruckus at the temple in Jerusalem, driving money changers and sellers of thousands, etc., from the temple grounds. He whipped them with a thorny bush as he sent them running. He said that they had desecrated his father’s house.

Shortly there after he was tried and sentenced to death. A crown of thorns was placed on his head and he was severely beaten. Then he was required to carry a cross to a hill called Calvary. He was not able to do it so another person was selected. On Calvary he was crucified along with two other men convicted of crimes.

The Roman soldiers placed a sign saying that here was the King of the Jews. The Jewish leaders tried to get them to take the sign down but they refused. It was reported that there was a tremendous earthquake when Jesus died and that it rent the cloth in the temple.

After that event, there were a number of reports that Jesus Christ was resurrected and that he appeared to a number of people.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

On Easter, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They look to his return which he predicted. Christians believe that Jesus Christ atoned for their sins at Gethsemane.

Sometimes with chocolate bunny rabbits and many colored Easter eggs, we forget what Easter is all about. There is a story that just before Peter was killed by the Romans, his wife and two daughters were killed. As his wife passed his dungeon, he said, “Oh there! Remember the Lord!”

We Christians should remember our Lord on Easter day.


A Gift of the Heart

(Note: The FTC requires me to tell you that some links in this site may result in me receiving a commission from a vendor. That hardly ever happens but I am grateful for any commissions that I may receive. John)

memoryIt’s the Memory that Counts

If we receive a gift of candy, it is soon consumed by those around us. You’re lucky to get one piece. If you receive fresh flowers, they soon wilt and are tossed in the garbage can. Other gifts break or get lost. The gift of love from the heart is much more durable and may last through the eternities. Even though candy is consumed, and flowers disappear on the garbage truck, the giver will be remembered for his or her thoughtfulness.

The most copied photo of the Great Depression

The most copied photo of the Great Depression

Now, Back in the Good Old Days!

When I was a kid, we could take Valentines to school and put them in a box at the front of the room. They were addressed to a certain student. I remember that when they were passed out on Valentine’s Day, that the most popular kids receive tons of Valentines while those of us who were not so popular, got three or four if we were lucky.

Each valentine had a little saying of on it. You know, roses are red violets are blue… If you are lucky you got one of those 8 x 11 Valentines that was very funny. It was probably as insulting as all get out, but that was the valentine that you passed around for everyone to see. You held a person that sent it to you and I regard, a good friend.

Such Valentines are usually not gifts of the heart. A gift of the heart is something that you give of yourself.

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

The Great Poet

I use to write poems to my wife on her birthday or on Mother’s Day. There I poured out my soul to my wife. I would still be writing them but she doesn’t understand such things anymore. Here is what I wrote one time:

Adam Said
John Taylor Jones

For Mother’s Day
Saturday, May 8, 1999

Adam said, Eve my dear,
You’ve eaten the forbidden fruit.
She looked at him and answered back,
Yes, I’m getting the boot.

He said to her, Eve my dear,
I like your skin and hair,
And I get a little tingle
When with those eyes you stare.

She said to him, I’ll miss you so
When Father kicks me out.
Now don’t you ever think of me;
Never give a pout.

He answered back with some regret,
I’ll dearly miss you too,
If I didn’t have a lot more ribs
I’m sure with you I’d go.

That’s right, she said,
You do have ribs a plenty more to spare,
But won’t you miss this little rib?
Won’t you miss my stare?

She stared at him, he looked away,
Then rubbed his perfect tummy,
You know, he said, I have a pain,
I’m really getting hungry.

She bid him come and sat him down,
And put his lunch before him.
He ate the fruit and felt real good,
“I’m going with you, honey!”

The End

Some times you can just make something for another person. I have ready two landscapes of Alaska to send to my grandson and son who went to Alaska with me a year a go last August. They can hang on the wall and look at it for a long time, a lasting gift. I have given my son in Michigan several paintings to hang on his office walls so that his patients can look at them when they come to see him. He says his patients enjoy those painting, patients with serious conditions, sometimes life-threatening.

If we pick flowers from our gardens and take them to our neighbors, it’s true that the flowers will wilt. But our neighbors will never forget that we brought flowers. They are a gift of the heart because we went out of our way to bring joy into someone else’s life.

If you give someone a pendant or a ring, carefully chosen, it will be meaningful to them and they will wear it and remember that you gave it to them. Yes, even a purchased gift can be a gift from the heart.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Ladies
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Valentine Gifts Her

My Sweetheart Gifts

My Sweetheart Gifts

Whdiamondat Should I Get Her for Valentine Day?

Traditional Valentine gifts for her are jewelry, flowers and candy. But what if she is a lumberjack? She might prefer a chain saw. This year Valentine’s Day is Saturday, February 14, 2015.

I Feel Poetic

Valentine’s Day Dilemma
John Taylor Jones

I know it’s only January,
But I like to fret.
It’s already the seventh,
And I don’t know yet
What to get her for Valentine’s day,
A mink or a jet?

It won’t be a mink!
It won’t be a jet!
Maybe a horse.
Maybe a house.
It will not be those either,
I’m as poor as a mouse.

I know what I’ll do,
This penniless soul,
I’ll make her a gift
From a branch of my dead oak tree,
I’ll just cut and plane
And shape it, you’ll see.

I’ll make her a paddle
To row up the creek.
She has an old kayak,
She’ll think that is neat.

Or maybe a rocker
To put on her porch.
She can drink lemonade;
Summer’s sun here can scorch.

But I was thinking of something else
That I’m sure she would like.
I’ll carve a wooden seat
For her rusty old bike.

Yes, that is it!
I’ll paint that old bike.
With the new wooden seat,
She surely will like.

So you see why I start early
On her Valentine’s Day gift.
I need gas for my chainsaw.
Can you give me a lift?

The End

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Gifts of the Heart

The most copied photo of the Great Depression

The most copied photo of the Great Depression

Gifts of the Heart
John Taylor Jones
December 31, 2014

We give gifts at Christmas
Because that is what we do.
But some do not give material things,
They are not that well-to- do.

The poorest mother
With her children in rags
Still gives her gift of love.
That gift comes from God above,
So that is what she does.

Material gifts without the love
Have value not long lasting.
Kindly love to needy souls
Is always everlasting.

Think not about material things.
Think mainly of each other.
Daily share your gift of love,
Love eternal and long lasting,
With friends and family,
Even strangers on the street.
Such love will spread
Throughout our land.
Now wouldn’t that be sweet?

The End