Gift Idea of the Week October 21, 2014 A Gift for Baby

Gift Ideas for Baby

Babies are so fun. It is easy to find them a gift because they will chew on anything that you buy them. I mentioned that my granddaughters are very busy right now with their YumbabY website at My site, MyStuffy, is never busy. But I did ship a bronze unicorn to Australia yesterday.

The main thing to check and you purchase a gift for a baby or a young child is that the gift is safe, that it will not choke or poison the child. The FDA checks the paint on some gifts, making sure that there is not to lead or cadmium present. But they can’t check everything. They don’t have enough staff to do that. So it’s mainly a matter of self compliance by the manufacturer. And has worked in the dinnerware industry for years.

Another question that you might ask when picking a gift for an infant or small child is, “Is this gift educational?” The child can learn while it is playing with your gift.

Another thing that you might ask yourself is whether or not you think the gift is durable. The child’s gift should be virtually indestructible because if there is a way to destroy it, the child will find it.

One last question might be whether or not the gift is useful. There must be some reason for its existence.


Gift Ideas for Baby

My Sweetheart Gifts Weekly Gift Idea Halloween Fun

zombieWhen we were kids there was no money for Halloween costumes. So the boys were usually dressed as hobos. We grabbed the flour sack and headed door-to-door saying, “Give me, Give me—or we won’t go away!” We might say, “We are beggars on the street, give us something good to eat.” We gather the apples, popcorn balls and candy. We kept begging until all the house lights were off. When we got home, nobody had better touch our stuff. We hit it away for a week of treats.

witchIn my old age, I put a pumpkin on the front porch and fill several bowls full of wrapped candy. Some of the kids are my grandkids or great grandkids or from the church. There are neighborhood kids to whom I know. But some are from the farms around here, driven into our small town by their parents.

So Halloween has not changed much. The kids now are dressed in store-bought costumes, but there are still some bums around. There are a lot more parties now with plenty of Halloween decorations.


Weekly Gift Ideas: YumbabY Baby Hats

Yum 1MSHG LogoMy granddaughters make and sell YumbabY Hats in their Etsy Store. Because of Halloween, they are very busy indeed right now. The hats are wonderful gifts for babies. That is my great-granddaughter in the hat. We have a lot of grandchildren and they are coming like you wouldn’t believe.

Kids are so much fun (most of the time), showering our lives with sunshine. Let the sunshine in!

Baby Gifts from Amazon

Weekly Gift Ideas September Song at Amazon

Don’t you love September. Listen to Willy Nelson sing September Song while you are reading this.

Amazon has a great deal on anti-aging cream, a great gift for the ladies. Shipping is free for Prime members and you save $24.02. The regular price is 39.99.

Amazon special deals are now available. Their coffee maker makes a nice gift for coffee drinkers. Refurbished Kindle Fire products are a bargain. There are also games and other products. It is your chance to save some dough.

September birth stones are available at Amazon at good prices. I particularly like the Swarovski Crystal Elements Eternal Love Heart Pendant Necklace 18″ September Birthstone Sapphire. I have given to my September birthday grandchildren and they love it. It is beautiful.

Why not treat yourself today? You certainly deserve it.



My Sweetheart Gifts Weekly Gift Idea for September 9, 2014 Camping Gear

Camping Gearcamping 1

This is the time of the year to buy camping gear. The stores are giving it away. And you don’t need to give the gift today. You can wait for a birthday or Christmas for example.

I see tents at Big Five Sporting Goods for sale at low prices. I get flyer, a page in the newspaper, every Sunday listing the goodies. Not just Tents
but camp stoves, camp lanterns, sleeping bags, shelters, sun shades, you name it.

scopeSo get him that fly rod he has wanted (or did she want the fly rod?) Put it under the Christmas tree. How about that hunting rifle? Perhaps a spotting scope

Do you guys need bear spray?bear


New Dad Gifts for Old and New Dads

rancherMy dad was a rancher / farmer who left the agricultural world when in his early twenties. After that, it was politics serving in public office for most of his life. But, he always worked outside when he could. He was a writer and he always did that out in the garage. That is why I write. It looked fun to a kid.

Dad is gone so I won’t be buying him a gift for Father’s day, just my eternal love.

So, are you going to give your dad a tie for Father’s Day? Can’t you be more original and not so chintzy? Hmmm!

What are his hobbies? How about a new fishing pole or tennis racket?

How about a computer or car jack?

Does he need a winter coat? Think ahead.

You only have one dad, or do you. Whatever the circumstances, think beyond the tie.

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How I Met Your Mother

My Parents

My Parents

This is the time of the year that we select a Mother’s Day Gift. Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 11, 2014.

I would guess that many of you have seen the television show How I Met Your Mother. Do you have a history in your family of various couples met?

My maternal grandmother was born in South Wales. One day a young man showed up at her door who she could remember from years before. He was a Utah minor and he had lost his wife. She married him and moved to Utah soon to lose him in a mine explosion. She married again to another minor taking our two children, but not her first husband’s children, with her. He died when my mother was 14 years old. Because of the hard times her stepbrother, my step uncle, join the Army so that he could send his mother $30 each month for her to take care of his four sisters. My and my step aunt Grace had left for the circus where she worked in a bear act and slid down the wire by her teeth.While my uncle Dave was fighting a in world war one in Europe, my mother and her sister Rose worked in a boarding house to support their mother and two younger sisters.

My mother met my father, who had just left his homestead in Delta Utah, and a dance in Salt Lake City. Both thinking that the other was from the same locality and has where the church was that sponsored  the dance.They found each other after one year of searching. Throughout their 66 years of marriage they always celebrated the day they first met. There pic is at the top of the page.

My father’s parents met when my grandmother took care of my grandfather in Porterville, Utah after he had been seriously injured while quarrying granite for the Salt Lake City Temple. She cared for him for two years but she was too young to marry when he left. So we went back eight years later and married her. They went by horse and buggy to Manti,Utah to be married in the Manti Utah Temple.

I met my wife, Pat, who is now suffering from dementia and has a full-time caregiver when I got home from Korea in 1952. My friend, Larry Haywood, who died a couple of years ago, had moved to a new home with his parents. I first saw my wife to be playing football with her three little brothers on the front lawn. Our local church leader had decided that we recover we veterans returning home were a big nuisance and that we needed to get married. So he had my brother-in-law put on a presentation of the Pirates of Penzance. I was a pirate and also a Keystone cop while my wife was one of the orphan damsels.

Over the years, I wrote a number of poems for my wife on Mother’s Day:

Adam Said
by John Taylor Jones

For Mother’s Day
Saturday, May 8, 1999

Adam said, Eve my dear,
You’ve eaten the forbidden fruit.
She looked at him and answered back,
Yes, I’m getting the boot.

He said to her, Eve my dear,
I like your skin and hair,
And I get a little tingle
When with those eyes you stare.

She said to him, I’ll miss you so
When Father kicks me out.
Now don’t you ever think of me;
Never give a pout.

He answered back with some regret,
I’ll dearly miss you too,
If I didn’t have a lot more ribs
I’m sure with you I’d go.

That’s right, she said,
You do have ribs a plenty more to spare,
But won’t you miss this little rib?
Won’t you miss my stare?

She stared at him, he looked away,
Then rubbed his perfect tummy,
You know, he said, I have a pain,
I’m really getting hungry.

She bid him come and sat him down,
And put his lunch before him.
He ate the fruit and felt real good,
“I’m going with you, honey!”

There are many songs about Mother Here is a video of one I like:


Select a Mother’s Day Gift at Amazon. Fast delivery, best price, and best selection too. And it is not too late to order.


copywrite©1999-2014 John Taylor Jones, Ph.D.




Saint Patrick’s Day Party Fun

Patrick's daySaint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick is said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland.

Maybe so!

My wife was born on St. Patrick’s Day except it was after midnight so she was born on 18 March. I believe also that is the day that my parents first met. I think it was a St. Patrick’s Day dance. They celebrated that day all their married lives.

St. Patrick’s Day is the day we have corned beef and cabbage. There’s also a big parade in New York. It’s a great day for guzzling beer for some.

Some folks like to have a party on Saint Patrick’s Day.why not? All it takes are a few decorations some hats and a few whistles.

Have Fun!