Saint Patrick’s Day Party Fun

Patrick's daySaint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick is said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland.

Maybe so!

My wife was born on St. Patrick’s Day except it was after midnight so she was born on 18 March. I believe also that is the day that my parents first met. I think it was a St. Patrick’s Day dance. They celebrated that day all their married lives.

St. Patrick’s Day is the day we have corned beef and cabbage. There’s also a big parade in New York. It’s a great day for guzzling beer for some.

Some folks like to have a party on Saint Patrick’s Day.why not? All it takes are a few decorations some hats and a few whistles.

Have Fun!



Amazon Prime

happy computerIf you use as much as I do, you will want Amazon Prime.

The reason for me is free shipping on many items so I save plenty over a years time. However, there are many other free gifts to you when you use Amazon Prime

I’m not going to list them here. Just click on Amazon Primeand you well see them for yourself but I get a lot of free books and aps that would otherwise be costly over time.

So Amazon Primeis a good deal for anyone who uses often.

I use an Amazon Kindle HD so I get added benefits.



Valentines Gifts Him and Her

valentine kidsA Gift for Valentine Day

David Letterman

Valentine’s Day money-saving tips: Break up on February 13th, get back together on the 15th. In place of bubble bath, use lavender-scented dish-washing liquid.

You won’t get away with that but my friend at the end of the Great Depression did exactly that and the girls all knew it. He always broke up to avoid gifting and then made up after the crisis was over. Now it’s:

A Valentine gift for him.

A Valentine gift for her.

We just get over Christmas, emptying our purses, and it is time to spend again. But we really don’t think that way do we. We just think of those we love, now it is special time, and we buy them a Valentine gift. I always buy my daughter a gift because she is our only daughter. Forget the boys! LOL!

valentien engageI usually buy my daughter a necklace or flowers or a basket her family can nibble out of. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive unless you are going to propose marriage on Valentine Day. Then you will need an engagement ring.

When I was a kid we had to give a valentine to every kid in class. Then when we got home, we erased the names and put them on the doorsteps on our friends. We would knock on the door and then run for absolutely no reason at all.

We use to give those 8.5″ by 11″ one-sheet cards with a humorous but sometime vulgar message. What great fun! I tried to find some of those on the net but could not. I did find a few jokes:

Lewis Black
“Valentine’s Day: the holiday that reminds you that if you don’t have a special someone, you’re alone.”

Ed Helms
“February is a month of months, and there is one special day: Valentine’s Day on the 14th. I know it’s still a ways off, but I just can’t wait. Janice, if you’re watching, will you make me the happiest man in the world and get out of my apartment?”

Laura Kightlinger
“It goes Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day. Is that fair to anyone who’s alone? These are all days you gotta be with someone. And if you didn’t get around to killing yourself at Christmas or New Year’s, boom! There’s Valentine’s Day. I think there should be one more after Valentine’s Day just called, ‘Who could love you?’”

George Lopez
“The jewelry stores say, ‘Tell your wife you love her with a diamond,’ while wives tell you they love you with, ‘Ok, but just because it’s Valentine’s Day.’”

David Letterman
Valentine’s Day money-saving tips:
Break up on February 13th, get back together on the 15th.
In place of bubble bath, use lavender-scented dish-washing liquid.

Dean Martin: Everybody….

I think everybody loves someone even if in secret. That was a great thing in grade school. You could put a lovely valentine that you took out of last year’s box, and erased the name, and send it to that cute girls with the big green eyes without your name on it. You, the secret lover.

Almost any gift imaginable is good for men.
Golf shoes, a hunting rifle, skis, a new jacket, other clothing, a watch, you name it. But for a woman or girl., it had better be romantic like flowers, candy, clothing or jewelry. OK, she needs a new Maytag kitchen appliance.

Anyway, think ahead and have some fun!


Canon PowerShot SX600 HS Digital Camera

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What Do You Know About Pearls?

Big Jewelry Savings
There was a little girl,

And her name was Pearl,

And she had a little curl

Right in the middle of her forehead.

I use to say that poem to my older sister when I was little. She was older than me but that didn’t stop my chatter. I do miss Pearl who passed away a few winters ago.


Pearls are big in literature. You have heard of the Pearl of Great Price in the New Testament (and in your scriptures if you are LDS). We know we shouldn’t cast our pearls before swine, right?

Let me modify a story from the way I heard it so I can include pearls: A young man found an old man dying in the Sahara Desert. He dismounted his donkey and gave the old man water. Then he moved the old man to an oasis where he would have figs to eat and water to drink until his caravan came back looking for him. The old man offered the boy all the small stones he wanted from his bag. The boy decided the old man was crazy and he needed no stones but he took a four or five stones and put them in a small bag the man gave him, thinking, I’ll chuck these later.

When the boy got home, his mother was crying. She said she couldn’t figure out how she could feed the boy’s brothers and sisters. The boy’s father was killed in a hunting accident and no longer supported the family. The boy said that God would provide and went to bed, tossing the small bag of stones on the table.

Suddenly, his mother woke him abruptly and said, “Where did you get this little bag, Ammon?” Half awake and half asleep he said, “Oh, the stones. An old man gave them to me in the desert.”

She said, “What old man?

He told her the story of the rescue.

She said, “These are not stones, Ammon! They are pearls of great price!

Ammon smiled and said, “Well, Mother, I’m glad I took some stones but I wish I had taken a lot more!”

How Much Are Pearls Worth?

Years ago Cartier bought an old mansion on Madison Avenue in New York City where the store now stands. He paid for it with a double strand of natural pearls worth one million dollars in 1917 (as I remember). So pearls can be costly.

Natural pearls are very rare. They are found in various parts of the world but they are few and far between. Most all pearls are cultured pearls cultivated in fresh or salt water in China, Australia, Japan and elsewhere. Natural pearls can not be distinguished from cultured pearls except by X-ray examination so you can tell everyone your cultured pearls are natural pearls and they can have them for one million dollars. O.K., Just Kidding! Anyway, they might have them X-rayed which would show the true structure.

Synthetic Pearls

Synthetic pearls lose their luster with time, are smooth rather than rough, and if you are buying them at the dollar store, they are synthetic for sure. My wife’s caregiver, Georgia, says you can tell by rubbing them against your teeth.

I had a natural or cultivated pearl years ago. I got it while eating oyster stew. I had it appraised, small as it was, and it was worth $18 according to the local jeweler. The stew was of the canned variety and the manufacture assured me that the pearl was not harmed by their processing. There was some shell with the pearl but since it didn’t break my teeth, I didn’t ask for damages.

I purchased my wife a string of cultivated pearls in Korea. We Korean War veterans, who where ignored when we got home from the war (patriotism was not popular or commercialized then), are greatly prized in Korea so we usually get a good deal. The jeweler wouldn’t even let me catch the tram back to my hotel. He brought out the family car and drove me over there.

I was glad to get the pearls in Korea because we had been “monsoon-ed” out of a trip to Pearl Island in Japan. I probably got a much better deal anyway. Most of my wife’s jewelry had disappeared but I’m not inclined to blame anyone. But is gone. It can be hell to be old.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry was loved by royalty and the rich and famous. Museums are full of the good stuff, crowns, coronets, necklaces, broaches, rings and such. Pearl Jewelry is loved by brides. There is nothing like a pearl necklace with that bridal gown. Cultured pearls are great gifts for special days, etc. I think I was going to make a ace tack with my little pearl. Well, I’m not going to dig for it.

Valentine Day and Mother’s Day are coming up. Think about pearls!





Best Ways Save Money

Great savings at Amazon of up to 60% are on right now.

And it is not only Amazon. As I watch the TV ads here in Buhl, Idaho, I see tremendous sales at all the mall stores. So you can think about gifts for Valentine Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and such and get gifts at tremendous savings.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. We need to be careful with our spending. But if we did not overspend at Christmas, then maybe we can take advantage of these savings. Now don’t max out our credit cards to do this. You might get clobbered by the high interest charges that some card suppliers apply to your account.

But spending now could save you a lot of money later.

Changing Your Credit Card Interest

Do you know that you may qualify for a lower interest rate with your credit card. Call your card company and ask. If you have great credit, tell them you are thinking about changing card companies. That may ring their bell.

Can You Live without Your Credit Card?

If you can save for purchases, then you will save a ton of money taking advantage of lower prices and not paying interest. I do use a Costco AMX card and pay no interest because I pay the charges off every month. In February each year I get back several hundred dollars for using the card. Not Bad!

Take Advantage of No Interest Credit Card Deals?

I recently bought my wife’s caregiver a new dishwasher and refrigerator. A new double oven is coming on Monday (12-30-2013). I have six months to pay off these items and I will pay no interest at Home Depot. I also bought a couple of television sets this way. Why not use other people’s money if they will let you get away from it.

Can You Do without?

I’m always buying things I don’t really want or need. I call that Shopping at Costco. If I’m by myself, I buy want I need, mainly supplies for my wife’s care. But if I take my wife’s caregiver, I buy out the whole blasted store. Just did that this week.

I’ve got to practice more doing without!

Often you can repair something or make do for added savings.

Just an idea!

Do You Use Coupons?

Some shoppers save all kinds of coupons and save a lot of money at the store. There is one warning, if the coupon is for something you don’t want or need, you are not saving, your spending.

Think about it!

Why Do I have to Take a Hike?

Our local grocer just changed the whole store arrangement. You have to walk a country mile to get a gallon of milk or a frozen pot pie. Why, so you will walk up and down the aisles grabbing stuff you don’t need. On every corner is a display of some product you just have to have. They are not stupid. They want all of your money, not just part of it.

Grocers and department stores have all kinds of tricks to grab your money. It’s like the midway as you walk to the Big Top. (Whoops! For you young folks many circuses came to town. The Big Top was the tent for the main events.)

Well, anyway, the Circus wanted you to see the sword swaggerer and bearded lady and to buy cotton candy and try your luck at ring toss, anything to drain your pockets.

Are You Thinking about Retirement Some Day?

Make sure you save 10% of your income before you blow your wad on things that you really don’t need. This money should be invested in safe products. The older you are, the more safety for saving required.

Yes, there are Great savings at Amazon of up to 60% right now.


Who Was Saint Valentine?

St. Valentine lived in the days of Claudius the Roman Emperor. Claudius forbid young men to get married because he knew as I learned in Korea that young men who are not married do not have dependents to worry about and often make better fighters. However, there are always the exceptions. I knew many married men in Korea that were heroic on the battlefield. I might note that heroics are common on the battlefield and awards for heroism are not always given.

Saint Valentine married young couples secretly. He was sentenced to death by a multiple series of death-dealing procedures as only the Romans could devise. (

Saint Valentine was a protector of marriage of the one man, one women variety, not as popular today when men are marrying men and women are marrying women. Some lonely folks engage in same-sex marriages because they can not find a mate of the opposite sex. I use to be one-sided on this issue but now I have more tolerance. I guess when you see the world as I see it at age 82 is that for some, that is the only way they can achieve some degree of happiness. Homosexual couples would not have sought after marriage if they were accepted in our society. They feel that a legal marriage makes them more acceptable. It does!

Saint Valentine was not a romantic per se. He believed in the sanctity of marriage. Now folks give gifts to their loved ones on Valentine Day. They say that romance breathes eternal or love breaths eternal or love breeds eternal. Darned if I could find the saying on the Internet. Let me know if you can find it. I think that could mean that our love increases with time. Some folks give gifts to their mates every Valentine Day and they have been doing it for years. I have only one daughter so she gets a gift each year from me.

It may seem a bit early to think about Valentine Day. Some young men like to make a wedding proposal on Valentine Day. Not a bad idea.

Pearl Necklace would be nice for your spouse.

There are lots of bargain on right now so think about an early purchase.


A Holiday Poem for All Our Internet Friends

A Holiday Poem for All  Our Intenret Friends


John Taylor Jones

The wind came up on Santa’s sleigh.
Ho! Ho! He said, We’re blown away.
We were tracking to Finland
And this is Spain, I say.

Donner laughed at the jolly old man,
Better get GPS for this old can.
Then maybe when a cloud blocks the stars
You will be blown away and know where you are.

Blitzen said, Yes, jolly old soul,
We’re out of date as gift sleighs go.
This isn’t Spain,
It’s Buffalo.

So on they went throughout the night,
A sombrero in Iceland and kilts in Niger.
Well, Rudolph said, They will
Know we were here.

Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year!

John and Pat Jones
Buhl, ID