A Gift of the Heart

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memoryIt’s the Memory that Counts

If we receive a gift of candy, it is soon consumed by those around us. You’re lucky to get one piece. If you receive fresh flowers, they soon wilt and are tossed in the garbage can. Other gifts break or get lost. The gift of love from the heart is much more durable and may last through the eternities. Even though candy is consumed, and flowers disappear on the garbage truck, the giver will be remembered for his or her thoughtfulness.

The most copied photo of the Great Depression

The most copied photo of the Great Depression

Now, Back in the Good Old Days!

When I was a kid, we could take Valentines to school and put them in a box at the front of the room. They were addressed to a certain student. I remember that when they were passed out on Valentine’s Day, that the most popular kids receive tons of Valentines while those of us who were not so popular, got three or four if we were lucky.

Each valentine had a little saying of on it. You know, roses are red violets are blue… If you are lucky you got one of those 8 x 11 Valentines that was very funny. It was probably as insulting as all get out, but that was the valentine that you passed around for everyone to see. You held a person that sent it to you and I regard, a good friend.

Such Valentines are usually not gifts of the heart. A gift of the heart is something that you give of yourself.

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

Pat and John Jones, Buhl, Idaho

The Great Poet

I use to write poems to my wife on her birthday or on Mother’s Day. There I poured out my soul to my wife. I would still be writing them but she doesn’t understand such things anymore. Here is what I wrote one time:

Adam Said
John Taylor Jones

For Mother’s Day
Saturday, May 8, 1999

Adam said, Eve my dear,
You’ve eaten the forbidden fruit.
She looked at him and answered back,
Yes, I’m getting the boot.

He said to her, Eve my dear,
I like your skin and hair,
And I get a little tingle
When with those eyes you stare.

She said to him, I’ll miss you so
When Father kicks me out.
Now don’t you ever think of me;
Never give a pout.

He answered back with some regret,
I’ll dearly miss you too,
If I didn’t have a lot more ribs
I’m sure with you I’d go.

That’s right, she said,
You do have ribs a plenty more to spare,
But won’t you miss this little rib?
Won’t you miss my stare?

She stared at him, he looked away,
Then rubbed his perfect tummy,
You know, he said, I have a pain,
I’m really getting hungry.

She bid him come and sat him down,
And put his lunch before him.
He ate the fruit and felt real good,
“I’m going with you, honey!”

The End

Some times you can just make something for another person. I have ready two landscapes of Alaska to send to my grandson and son who went to Alaska with me a year a go last August. They can hang on the wall and look at it for a long time, a lasting gift. I have given my son in Michigan several paintings to hang on his office walls so that his patients can look at them when they come to see him. He says his patients enjoy those painting, patients with serious conditions, sometimes life-threatening.

If we pick flowers from our gardens and take them to our neighbors, it’s true that the flowers will wilt. But our neighbors will never forget that we brought flowers. They are a gift of the heart because we went out of our way to bring joy into someone else’s life.

If you give someone a pendant or a ring, carefully chosen, it will be meaningful to them and they will wear it and remember that you gave it to them. Yes, even a purchased gift can be a gift from the heart.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Ladies
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Valentine Gifts Her

My Sweetheart Gifts

My Sweetheart Gifts

Whdiamondat Should I Get Her for Valentine Day?

Traditional Valentine gifts for her are jewelry, flowers and candy. But what if she is a lumberjack? She might prefer a chain saw. This year Valentine’s Day is Saturday, February 14, 2015.

I Feel Poetic

Valentine’s Day Dilemma
John Taylor Jones

I know it’s only January,
But I like to fret.
It’s already the seventh,
And I don’t know yet
What to get her for Valentine’s day,
A mink or a jet?

It won’t be a mink!
It won’t be a jet!
Maybe a horse.
Maybe a house.
It will not be those either,
I’m as poor as a mouse.

I know what I’ll do,
This penniless soul,
I’ll make her a gift
From a branch of my dead oak tree,
I’ll just cut and plane
And shape it, you’ll see.

I’ll make her a paddle
To row up the creek.
She has an old kayak,
She’ll think that is neat.

Or maybe a rocker
To put on her porch.
She can drink lemonade;
Summer’s sun here can scorch.

But I was thinking of something else
That I’m sure she would like.
I’ll carve a wooden seat
For her rusty old bike.

Yes, that is it!
I’ll paint that old bike.
With the new wooden seat,
She surely will like.

So you see why I start early
On her Valentine’s Day gift.
I need gas for my chainsaw.
Can you give me a lift?

The End

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Gifts of the Heart

The most copied photo of the Great Depression

The most copied photo of the Great Depression

Gifts of the Heart
John Taylor Jones
December 31, 2014

We give gifts at Christmas
Because that is what we do.
But some do not give material things,
They are not that well-to- do.

The poorest mother
With her children in rags
Still gives her gift of love.
That gift comes from God above,
So that is what she does.

Material gifts without the love
Have value not long lasting.
Kindly love to needy souls
Is always everlasting.

Think not about material things.
Think mainly of each other.
Daily share your gift of love,
Love eternal and long lasting,
With friends and family,
Even strangers on the street.
Such love will spread
Throughout our land.
Now wouldn’t that be sweet?

The End

My Sweetheart Gifts Weekly Gift Idea: Tools

SantaChristmas bird

Weekly Gift Idea: Tools

Tools are not just for men even though that is a way to a man’s heart. There’s nothing like the feel of a good wrench, saw or hammer.

But women need tools too. A good pair of pinking shears might be just the thing.

And children love tools too. You’ll have to give them toys tools. They will find hand tools very handy when pounding on the furniture. lol

So think about tools for Christmas.

Here are some suggestions:

Tools for Men

Automotive Tools for Men

Tools for Women

Sewing Tools for Women

Tools for Children


Gift of the Day: Telescopes and Astronomy

Celestron Telescopes

My Parents

My Parents

Dad Taught Me First

My father was very interested in Astronomy. He always kept me up to date on Astromomical Events. He taught me not to look directly at the sun during an eclipse. He showed me how to smoke glass to diminish the effect of the sun’s rays. That is not the best way to do it because using small glass is not really safe. Need some other kind of protection. Dad actually injured his looking at an eclipse before I was born.

t-1Dad also told me about Albert Einstein and Relativity. Dad was very good at teaching difficult subjects to a young boy. My older friends thought I was nuts but Dad was right.


Dad told me all about Halley’s Comet.  It returns to earth about every 75 years. It was here in 1986 and will be back in 2061. Dad first saw it in about 1911, so he would have been eleven years old. He was still around to see it in 1986, a year he was waiting for.

Are you old enough to have watched the Hale-Bopp comet in 1995? It hung around for over a month. We watched it through my spotting scope which has a 1000 mm lens. If you spot a comet that has not been reported before, the comet will be given your name. The name was shared by Hale and Bopp, the first observers reporting the comet. (How to Report a New Comet)

Jupiter’s Moons

Through a pair of binoculars, you can see four (4) of Jupiter’s moons.They are
Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. They were first spotted by Galileo Galileiin1610 and are called the Galilean Satellites. You would think that at least one of them would have been named after Galileo Galilei. He invented the telescope.

t-2Astronomy Magazines

Through a telescope or a pair of astronomy binoculars, you can see many object in space. Astronomy magazinesshows what is visible at any given time.

The great images from the Hubble Telescope make it easy to see what is out there but there is nothing like seeing them through your own optics.